Tuesday, 18 February 2014

More 40s style; Simplicity 3688 and Vogue 8772

Firstly thanks so much if you have recently started reading my little meanderings, its really nice to know I'm not alone!  I have been trying to make some sensible separates so that I have something to wear (i.e. no more cocktail dresses for a while!).  so here is Simplicity 3688 (the trousers) and Vogue 8772 (the blouse). 

This is my second pair of these trousers and I'm pretty pleased with the fit.  I now realise that as my waist is high that means that I need to lengthen trousers (and it explains why ready to wear trousers don't really fit).  I like my trousers wide but fitted round the waist and these fit the bill.  The fabric is 100% wool from Azkaban and costing about £5, a bargain.  The blouse was left over silk charmeuse from my Anna dress and feels beautiful (needs tucking in a bit here!).  It is the first time I have made a collar stand:

... and it worked OK.  This was supposed to be a pussy bow blouse but there wasn't quite enough material.

These go well with my Dior jacket (yes I'm getting a handmade wardrobe).


Sorry about the gloomy light, in fact it started raining!  The kitten wondered what we were doing.

We have had one lovely day.  All the animals were lining up ready for a walk (yes that means the cats too - odd household ours!)

I really enjoyed the sunshine and the snowdrops

I've also enjoyed some Olympcs and glad to see that knitting is officially cool.  This is the finish snowboarding coach, and the whole team has been knitting this scarf!

I'm enjoying 4 days off at the moment and working on my next big project which is a Chanel style jacket from this fabric! 
I can't decide whether to go the whole hog and have trim, what do you think?  I haven't found a good supplier of suitable trims either!  Well enough rambling it's finally time for the new series of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Agatha cardigan and Knitting for Victory

I've become a bit obsessed by Andi Satterlund's knitting patterns.  This is my second knit from here.  The first, Hetty, is blogged here.  I like the patterns because they are fitted and quick to knit.  They are knitted in one piece, so no seaming!  You start at the shoulder, knit down the back to the end of the armholes, then pick up from the shoulder knit down to the front end of the armsholes then join it together and knit the bottom in one piece. 


Then you pick up the armholes and use short rows to knit the sleeves in a round.  Short rows are a bit tricky and its a good job this is a black cardie because mine aren't too neat.  The patterns are a bit complicated to follow and maybe not the best for beginners, but if you like a vintage vibe they are fantastic.  The other tricky bit is blocking a full cardigan and I haven't managed a very good job here.

The wool is worsted weight so this knitted up in a couple of weeks and it only took 4 skeins, so good value at about £22.00.  I knitted a size small, because I knit quite loosely, and wanted some negative ease.   I thought a black cardigan would be really useful and I think it will be in spring.  (Worn here with my plaid Hawthorn dress - excuse the collar standing up!)


Otherwise I have nearly finished a blouse, a pair of trousers, started a Chanel style jacket and made a little progress on the crotchet scarf, ready for next winter perhaps!

I also knitted a beret for the Knit for Victory knit along.  I enjoyed knitting, just enough fair-isle to be enjoyable.  I knitted it from left over bits of Debbie Bliss baby cashmero, so no cost.  Here it is before blocking, a bit floppy.

You block it around a 10" plate (I could only find a 10 1/2" one!) ....a bit odd and the cereal bowl is to hold it down.

... but it worked.  I love the colours, can you see the V in the pattern.


Dan thought Tess might like her own beret.

She didn't!!  I'm really enjoying my knitting and sewing at the moment, I just wish I had more time to do it!  Oh, well back to work tomorrow and I'm guessing more rain.  Roll on spring.