Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lacey knits

Just a short post this week, perhaps reflecting my rather tired mood!  The weather and a difficult half-term have taken a toll and I'm now having 3 days off work which will hopefully recharge my batteries.  So not much to show but my finished Cranford mitts.

 I absolutely love them and the pattern (which is a free download).  The lace pattern gives you plenty of interest but it isn't too difficult

If you haven't knitted any lace don't be put off, if you can knit two together and yarn over you can knit this pattern and the positioning of the stitches into three (over three needles) makes it easier to make sure you keep the correct pattern.  Its a 4 ply pattern and I used Debbie Bliss rialto left over from my landgirl cardigan (teal of course).  I think you could probably knit two pairs from one ball (so one for you and one for a Chrissie present). 

I liked knitting the lace so much that I'm thinking I may go for a whole sweater perhaps
or this one, a bit of a Poirot vibe going on ....
Both of these patterns are by Susan Crawford and I've been wanting to knit something from the book for a while.  But these are spring sweaters so I've a couple of wintery woollies in me first.
I've been sewing my Anna dress and that will be revealed on my next post and I'm afraid I've been at Akaban again!!!  I didn't mean to as I've plenty of project waiting, but how can you turn down the prices.  This little lot cost less than £40 and there is enough to make a dress, 1 or two jacket, 2 skirts and a pair of trousers .... bargain. 
I was just about to cut out my dress this morning and I  remembered I hadn't washed the fabric so I can't get started after all. Well I'm off to take the dogs for a walk while there is a break in the rain and passing my lovely Acer on the way.  Hope you are having some fun, especially if you are off over half term.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Bits and pieces

Well there is no big reveal this week.  I knitted a hat,

but before you think I have produced yet another knitted garment in little time (and in case you are puzzling at the enormous bobble) I can reveal it is a very little hat, knitted for the Innocent Big Knit.

Now mine is very basic, and also if you only knit one it will cost you more to post if than the contribution, so I will probably do another couple.  Some of the hats on the website are fab .... hope I get the chance to buy one of those!  Great campaign idea!

Otherwise I've been knitting some mitts (more later when finished)

and sewing my Anna dress, also more later.

So a busy week and Dan and Gemma are back safely from a wonderful time in Malawi  so hopefully I'll be able to photograph some garments being worn.  Short and sweet (hopefully) this week. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Hetty KAL finished!

Cor,  my knitting productivity looks unbelievable!  Not quite true,  I haven't finished another cardigan in only week, but it has only taken about 2 1/2weeks  and it is finished on time for the Hetty knit-along.  This is the Hetty cardigan, which was a really different pattern to anything I have knitted before.  First you knit the back, then you pick up stitches at the shoulder, knit down to the armhole, cast on more stitches and end up with the whole of the body on your needle

Then you pick up stitches around the arm holes and knit the sleeves in the round

Then add the bands and you've only the buttons to choose (went for the top ones)

.... et voila with no seams to sew you have a cardigan.

This isn't blocked so I will post some better photos next week being worn.  The pattern was quite complicated, and I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner (it may have been me -  though there were certainly others on the ravelry group forum who also struggled).   Having said that I love the fit and I ordered my wool for another of the designers patterns, because I haven't seen any others which have a  lovely fitted waist like this (infact mine was a bit small and I had to make a wider band, plus there will be some stretching at the blocking stage).  It's a great silhouette for vintage clothes such as high waisted trousers or a fuller skirt.  The wool is Blackstone tweed and I feel mixed about it, I thought it was going to be a more mustardy colour - it does have little flecks of purple and teal (yes still in the teal theme).

For those of you who are Molly Makes readers you may recognise the foxy broach.  I rarely make the free gift on magazines and I am reminded why, the materials are usually not of a good quality and in this case the felt wasn't great, the thread kept tangling, the needle wouldn't go through the felt and the pin is really cheap, still it is quite jolly!

A new friend came to stay this week!  Yes, I splashed out and bought an overlocker.

Here is a view of the inside of my lining for my new look jacket - yes I even overlocked the inside of a lining, just because I could, look how neat ....
So all was going well and then I had to change the colour of thread, I managed  quite well even threading one of the needles ... result ... and then .... disaster.  I don't know whether it's because I am now working with crepe de chine or what but the effect is certainly not right.  I'll have to get on the internet and spend some quality time with my new friend .... or more likely I'll take it with me to my workshop class (at the shop where I bought it)  for some advice.
Though it looks like I had a busy week I actually wasn't well and had to take 2 days off work (not like me at all) and too ill to do any sewing, even missed my class, but I did watch the whole of series 1 of Bomb girls which I enjoyed, especially the fashions.    This week I will be working on my new look jacket and also my Anna dress and I've lots of other plans.  What are you working on?

Monday, 7 October 2013

More landgirls; a vintage teal cardigan

Happy Monday!   Last weekend included a full day of sewing at my monthly workshop, enjoyable, but not very productive.  I am making the New Look jacket from Gertie's book and this has meant tracing the pattern.  The first time I traced a size too small and so I have had to do this twice .... it's taken hours .... and so boring.  Hats off to those of you who trace patterns either because you use Burda etc. or to save your patterns.  I really can't be bothered and £6-£12 for a pattern seems like a bargain at the moment!  I think I have spent about 12 hours so far and all I have done is made the bodice lining!

So does this mean no finished project this week?  No, not at all, but its over to knitting this week.  I have finished my Debbie Bliss Landgirls cardigan.  This is how it should look
...and this is my version
There is a rather unusual square shoulder and rather different sleeve with cable at the top and a long run of rib, rather medieval!
Sorry the pics are on my dummy and it really isn't showing it off, but I still haven't sorted my remote control for the camera!  Anyway I like the cardi, not perfect but definitely wearable and warm, soft and comfy.  Autumn teal item no. 2 ticked off my list.  I knitted a size 32 (clearly substantially smaller than me!) and it is still a little loser than I like!  At least I know now that for Debbie Bliss patterns I need to knit the smallest size.
I'm looking forward to Dan and Gemma getting home a week on Wednesday, until then how lovely are these photos they have sent me.  They are getting lots of hands-on experience; a lot of dressing foot wounds and ulcers and giving health talks, not a very romantic way to spend your honeymoon but what a wonderful valuable experience.  Three very cool guys!

and Gemma with her lovely new short hair cut and her gorgeous friend.

Till next week, and thank you for reading and especially if you took the time to leave a comment which I love reading.