Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lacey knits

Just a short post this week, perhaps reflecting my rather tired mood!  The weather and a difficult half-term have taken a toll and I'm now having 3 days off work which will hopefully recharge my batteries.  So not much to show but my finished Cranford mitts.

 I absolutely love them and the pattern (which is a free download).  The lace pattern gives you plenty of interest but it isn't too difficult

If you haven't knitted any lace don't be put off, if you can knit two together and yarn over you can knit this pattern and the positioning of the stitches into three (over three needles) makes it easier to make sure you keep the correct pattern.  Its a 4 ply pattern and I used Debbie Bliss rialto left over from my landgirl cardigan (teal of course).  I think you could probably knit two pairs from one ball (so one for you and one for a Chrissie present). 

I liked knitting the lace so much that I'm thinking I may go for a whole sweater perhaps
or this one, a bit of a Poirot vibe going on ....
Both of these patterns are by Susan Crawford and I've been wanting to knit something from the book for a while.  But these are spring sweaters so I've a couple of wintery woollies in me first.
I've been sewing my Anna dress and that will be revealed on my next post and I'm afraid I've been at Akaban again!!!  I didn't mean to as I've plenty of project waiting, but how can you turn down the prices.  This little lot cost less than £40 and there is enough to make a dress, 1 or two jacket, 2 skirts and a pair of trousers .... bargain. 
I was just about to cut out my dress this morning and I  remembered I hadn't washed the fabric so I can't get started after all. Well I'm off to take the dogs for a walk while there is a break in the rain and passing my lovely Acer on the way.  Hope you are having some fun, especially if you are off over half term.

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  1. I love your mitts, I really do. The cream/grey edging is perfect with the teal and the simple pattern on the trim is the perfect contrast to the lace. I would love to be able to knit something like this! x