Monday, 5 May 2014

Sew for Victory; a bit of a battle!

So I've been sewing a bit of fourties for Rochelle's Sew For Victory Sew-Along.


I started with ambitious ideas of a dress using Butterick 5951    but this is where the battle came in.  I used some really soft brushed rayon and the result was ..... horrible as you can see from these selfies (excuse the flesh but you really need to see the full bagginess here).  The material was just too soft and should have been saved for jammies, everything sagged.

... and goodness knows what was going in with the enormous puffed sleeve (one bigger than the other).

The decision was whether to try and save it, but even with a better fit I'm not sure when I would ever wear this, so I binned it and decided to make something simple which I would be able to wear for work.  Enter  Butterick 5391 a simple straight skirt which is really easy to make and a flattering fit and and a repro 40s pattern Butterick 6887 kimono sleeved blouse, another easy sew with a little tie neckline. 


I've made the skirt before successfully and this is my first GoTo pattern because I will make it again.  I cut a size 14, but did need to take it in a bit.  The fabric, though rather reminiscent of school uniform is lovely to wear with a little stretch (I've bought some black to make trousers too).  The blouse is made in three pieces with a side zip in liberty print.  Overall the combination is rather slimming.  Gemma and I had some fun going the whole hog and Gemma gave me some victory rolls, dark eyeliner and red lipstick.  Not a look I would wear for everyday, but good fun.
You can just about see the eyeliner seams she painted on my legs.


The skirt is a versatile shape and I can wear it with my Dior style jacket.