Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A trio of Cleos

I wasn't sure the Cleo was one for me; as you know I prefer a fitted look (and perhaps thought the style might be a bit young for me), but I did think it would look great on Gemma, so I made two for her birthday, and then decided I would just whip a quick one out for me.  So here we are 3 Cleos in very different fabrics.

First up is mine.  All 3 versions came from stash fabrics.  The cleo can be cut from a metre of fabric so it's a great pattern for using your hoard.  I used a stretch brushed cotton, which looks like velvet.  It is a little lightweight, I think you are better using fabric with some weight (as with the denim below). 

I cut a size 4, about 1.5" shorter than the knee length version. There is plenty of room as you can  see (perhaps not very flattering from the side).  I'm wearing it here with a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes (no I'm not being paid to advertise), I did find this pattern small and wished I had cut the next size.

No back pockets on this one.  I used mustard top-stitching thread, which has given a lot of definition.

No 2 is stretch denim and probably my favourite, and looks great on Gemma.   

You can see the top-stitching here.  The instructions for all Tilly's patterns are really good and this is an excellent make for beginners.  Be careful when you are cutting the front facing out; there has been an error and mine had a sticker on it which wasn't quite lined up correctly.

Back pockets this time.

For no 3 I went a bit crazy with some fabric which may be for furnishings, but it's so cute (again for Gemma not me).  This is a little longer to fit a full dog in on the hem.


If I had thought it through I would have cut the front and the back on the fold to avoid having to pattern match.  You can't really see the top stitching, so the seam just isn't necessary.

The hardest part is probably turning the straps.  Make sure that the ends aren't wider (which is easily done) because the will peak through annoyingly.  You may notice a twist below, I did sort that out before I stitched the straps.  I used the dungaree clips and a jeans button.  Just a hint with jeans buttons, don't hammer from the right side, i.e. the top of the button, hammer the underneath, or the button bends!

I had a lovely half term; 3 days off.; fabric shopping (though spent nothing),   LaLa Land, which I really enjoyed.  Love Sewing has an interesting suggestions for inspiration copies from 2 of the dresses, including the sewaholic cambie for the main yellow dress  ... which sounds like a good idea, I might have a go, are any of your thinking of sewing a copy?  I also saw Moonlight, which is a fabulous film and worthy of the best picture and my lovely boy came home for the weekend.  What more could I want?

Sunday, 12 February 2017

McCalls 7432

Welcome to new readers.  I'm sorry I didn't resond as usual to the lovely comments on my Stella coat.  I really enjoyed reading them.

After my more challenging Stella coat, here is a couple of quick makes.  I've been so cold recently that I wanted something warm to wear at work. 

McCalls 7432 a "learn to sew for fun" pattern and is an easy fit knit shift dress. 
Image result for mccalls 7432

I wanted the extra warmth of a cowl neck and so I raised the neckline about 2" and added a cowl from a 14" x 13" oblong.  It worked well and I can honestly say this dress is cosy.

I cut a size medium, which according to the size chart should be a little snug, but the fit is pretty good.  Although I think I could do with a little more from the sides at the lower part of the skirt.

I prefer it with a belt but you can better see the shape without.  A little about the fabric.  I think it is amazing!  It washed well, sewed well, kept its shape and it really a warm .... but the most amazing thing is cost £3.45 .... a £7 dress (I did use a discount code its normally £4.49 from the Textile Centre.  I would definitely buy it again.

The second version is from and abstract print double border ponte roma also £4.49 and from the Textile Centre.  I'm not sure about this.  On  the website the print looked like it went horizontally and would have provided an interesting hem, but that wasn't  the case.

I will wear it with a plain black jacket for work, and for the price its a bargain, but the quality isn't as good.

You can see this version is a little shorter.  It was the first one I made and I think the fit of the second one is better.  This is a good basic pattern, which is suitable for work with a jacket and I'm sure I'll make a couple each winter .... but for now back to making a SWAP challenge.

I've also been making in miniature, for some newborn twins!  Little jersey dresses with baby cashmere ballet cardigans.