Monday, 17 April 2017

McCall's 7468: The Easter dress

So this is my #EASTERDRESS2017 challenge, McCall's 7468.  This is a pretty "on-trend" pattern with a combination of the cold shoulder and boho look.  As I'm about to offer a lot of issues, let me just say I think it is quite a pretty dress, and I do love the fabric, not perhaps the most spring-like but a lovely soft drapey fabric.

I had really liked the pattern when I saw it, but I have to say I'm a bit mixed about the result.  Unfortunately I didn't enjoy making it.  The combination of slippy fabric and the neck and shoulder facing was a nightmare, and took ages to do.  Because you are fitting a curved facing on top of another curve, it is really difficult to get a smooth fit.  You need lots of clipping, and then trying to slip stitch the underfacing was really tricky.  This was one of the rare occasions when the pattern went straight into the bin when I finished as I definitely won't be making it again!

I cut a size 14 and made a couple of usual adjustment, narrowing the neck (which made sure that the facing covered my bra strap).  I also raised the waistline, but actually looking at the pictures I think this wasn't necessary as the waistline is a little high.  I also added about 4" to the length, perhaps a little too long, what do you think?  Because of the facings it is impossible to fit as you go on (and the pattern is far to complex to bother making a toile), so it isn't a good one unless you usually fit straight from the packet.

The bell sleeves add to the boho look, but here is the main problem.  The cut out really isn't comfortable.  You can see that with my arm at this height it is cutting into my arm.  Is this always the way with a cold-shoulder.  I love the look, but think if I may any more I will use a knit pattern for comfort.

So this has been a bit of a moany post!  The dress is far from a complete failure and I will get some wear from it, it just isn't a favourite and I certainly wouldn't recommend it if you are a beginner!  The skirt is cute, and good for a little swirl.