Sunday, 26 February 2012

February end

Finally getting rid of a month long cold and this has been a much better weekend.  My lovely son and his girlfriend came home and that always makes things better.  We had a lovely walk ....

.... and Rosie a lovely run ...

Not a lot of sunshine or colour but I was very taken with some fungus which was actually the same lime green I'm crocheting with.

We have also had a film weekend with The Artist on Saturday (awarded 8s and 9s out of 10 by the panel - very entertaining and a really brave film) and The Woman in Black (average score of 7/10) which was a classic Victorian Gothic horror and at least 4 scary bits to get the adrenilin going, though not as scary as others had made me believe.  We all felt it was a a bit of a stretch though seeing Harry Potter as a father!

Also a finish ... my roses cushion and I'm very pleased.  Here it is in its new home on my bed.  Certainly did take the 100 hours World of Cross Stitching estimated.

I am adding this as my February make along with my machine embroidered picture to Annie The Felt Fairy's monthly make on Flicker! 

I've started a new smaller crossstitch of hyacinths so that when my lovely white plants fade in a few weeks I'll have a little hanging to remind me of the wonderful smell.  My ripple blanket is slowly growing and I'm making a bit of an effort at the moment.  Ran out of some wool though and apparently the lime green which I love is now discontinued.  Thank goodness for ebay.

Finally I've started a little quilt, which is the first time I've done any patchwork or quilting.  I got out all the material I've been hording (amazed how much there was) and there still weren't all the colours I wanted.  I've started piecing the squares together though this is not easy with a dog and 2 cats around as Rosie is demonstrating.  I've no idea how this will work out, but I guess that's the real challenge and enjoyment of producing something. 


With all this to do I wish it wasn't work tomorrow!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

stitchy Saturday

A full week of a stinking cold but Saturday was still great.  Dosed up with Lemsip Max I attended a canvas and stitching workshop run by Priscilla Jones at the rather wonderful Martime Museum ....

Priscilla makes wonderful paint, collage and stitch canvases;

I had no idea what we would be doing ... but it was great.  The day started with painting fabric with white emulsion and cheap poster paint ... just like playing!  We then dried these pieces and ironed them and with a selection of fabrics

Then we started to build up a picture from these ....

Then came the stitching.  I'm a beginner on the sewing machine so this was a bit nerve-wracking to start with but then great fun.  Using free embroidery we attached the pieces together ... not being too precious!  I wasn't confident enough to embroider the text straight onto the piece (maybe next time) and I'd handstitched this previously.  When the whole piece is finished it is attached to a painted canvas with Pritstick!  I am delighted with the result for a first attempt and it certainly won't be my last go!  I'm going to select this for my February make.

Finally I bought a new cushion from BHS believe it or not which has certainly followed the handmade look.  Jessie likes it too!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

it's snowtime

Set off on a walk with Rosie on Saturday and 15 minutes later the much threatened snow arrived!  It snowed and snowed ..... for about 7 hours here.  Rosie had never seen snow before .....

... but decided she loved it ....

Any resemblance to a Yeti is entirely co-incidential!

Meg decided she definitely didn't like the snow and was careful not to actually tread on it.

While Jess wouldn't leave the house, preferring to stay in a sunny spot inside!

I had a lovely Sunday planned visiting my lovely son (with maybe a quick visit to Manchester Cath Kidson shop) but unfortunately a bit of a bug has put paid to that.  So instead Sunday has been spent under a blanket, some stitching, some sleeping and lots of toast. 

A bit of an update on my wips ...

My ripple blanket continues to grow (but has been a bit negleted recently).  I think I'm about a third of the way through ... so I think it will take until at least April to finish.  Shame really as hopefully the weather will be warmer then.

I've been focussing more on my cross-stitch cushion.  I've almost finished 3 of the 4 panels.  It will be finished with spotty duck egg blue.  As you may notice this is my favourite colour at the moment and in every room of my house (although getting fabric in this colour is proving very difficult).

This was a pattern in World of CrossStitching which I liked but not the colour scheme.  So I've changed the orange and lilac flowers, so I'll see how it goes. 

Finally just to say how delighted I am to have 2 followers.  I never thought anyone else would read this.  I do feel the need to apologise for the design of my blog, I know it needs much improvement.