Sunday, 26 February 2012

February end

Finally getting rid of a month long cold and this has been a much better weekend.  My lovely son and his girlfriend came home and that always makes things better.  We had a lovely walk ....

.... and Rosie a lovely run ...

Not a lot of sunshine or colour but I was very taken with some fungus which was actually the same lime green I'm crocheting with.

We have also had a film weekend with The Artist on Saturday (awarded 8s and 9s out of 10 by the panel - very entertaining and a really brave film) and The Woman in Black (average score of 7/10) which was a classic Victorian Gothic horror and at least 4 scary bits to get the adrenilin going, though not as scary as others had made me believe.  We all felt it was a a bit of a stretch though seeing Harry Potter as a father!

Also a finish ... my roses cushion and I'm very pleased.  Here it is in its new home on my bed.  Certainly did take the 100 hours World of Cross Stitching estimated.

I am adding this as my February make along with my machine embroidered picture to Annie The Felt Fairy's monthly make on Flicker! 

I've started a new smaller crossstitch of hyacinths so that when my lovely white plants fade in a few weeks I'll have a little hanging to remind me of the wonderful smell.  My ripple blanket is slowly growing and I'm making a bit of an effort at the moment.  Ran out of some wool though and apparently the lime green which I love is now discontinued.  Thank goodness for ebay.

Finally I've started a little quilt, which is the first time I've done any patchwork or quilting.  I got out all the material I've been hording (amazed how much there was) and there still weren't all the colours I wanted.  I've started piecing the squares together though this is not easy with a dog and 2 cats around as Rosie is demonstrating.  I've no idea how this will work out, but I guess that's the real challenge and enjoyment of producing something. 


With all this to do I wish it wasn't work tomorrow!

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  1. OMG! She is absolutely adorable! i love the pic of her running!

    loving that blanket, stunning! And the cushion is very pretty too, no wonder you are pleased with it xx