Monday, 5 March 2012

quilty times

Some pleasant times this weekend.  A trip to Manchester to visit Dan which also included a popping in to the Cath Kidson shop.  Much restraint at some of the dearer items but I did splash out on a new cup and some fabric (as seen in the photo) to use in the quilt I am making.

Awful weather but things cleared on Sunday and I set out on a walk in the sunshine, admiring the daffodils and crocuses and even the last of the snowdrops.  I particularly love helibores, not showy but such lovely colour for this time of year and there are some lovely plants in gardens.  The sun lasted about 30 minutes and by the time I nearly got home the heavens had opened again and the wintery showers, as they are rather pleasantly known, were rushing down!

Back to my first attempt at a quilt.  I cut out all the necessary pieces and risked laying them out on the floor - although this clearly attracted several pets who made a game out of mixing them up.

Then pinning and stitching.  At this point I realised how it important it is to get the squares exactly the right size (yes I know this is obvious!)  and I'm not great at accurate cutting.  Some squares didn't fit exactly right, but I decided I really couldn't cope with taking too many seams back, so the occasional errors can be seen.  Rosie supervised the sewing!

... and finally I sewed all the pieces.  I'm quite pleased, although I think I should probably have been braver and been more random in placing the patterned pieces.  Also I have decided it needs 2 more rows and this means buying yet more fabric at the weekend.  Hopefully I will make more progress then.  I'm not sure I'm really going to get into patchwork quilts because it is just too precise for me and so less relaxing than other forms of crafting.  Still I will definitely finish this one and if I could buy the pieces pre-cut I might have another go.

Also working on a small cross-stitch - a little bowl of hyacinths ready to replace the lovely real ones which will shortly be finished (will miss their lovely smell).

Roll on next weekend!

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