Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spring is in the air

This is a very late weekend blog and I can only plead a rather busy time at work!  A pleasant weekend as spent.  I didn't actually do any more on my quilt but did buy all the bits to complete and got loats of great advice from one of my favourite local shops ( that the quilt is perfectly fine as it is ...

I especially enjoyed a walk through the woods ...

Rosie enjoyed it too ....

There were wild daffodils and blue skies .... lovely.

Making-wise I was concentrating on knitting  baby jacket which I hope will be finished next weekend, and a bit of baking ... not for me I hasten to add but various friends.

The strangest part of the weekend was when I went round to my friends for tea, I've already mentioned that our cat Meg has taken to starting walks with us  and she duly set off ,with Rosie and me, to our friends.  We left her at the door of my friend's house thinking she would go home.  Ten minutes later I noticed her on the window ledge looking in and mewing a bit .... when this didn't work she changed windows.  I thought she then went home but 2 hours later she was spotted still waiting at the front door and feeling guilty we let her in!  Is this normal cat behaviour?

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