Thursday, 21 September 2017

Sew Over It Eve Dress

Well I've definitely been slow to blog over the last few weeks, I was enjoying my time with Dan too much, and I do have plenty to blog!  First up the Sew Over It Eve dress

This is a pdf pattern (still hate those) but I think worth all the printing and sticking.  I cut a size 12 (sized as bust 37, waist 30 and hips 40), I'm bust 37.5, waist 28 and hips 37.5, so this gave plenty of room, but more about that later.  Please ignore the hanging thread here!  I really must get my act together and work on my photos!  I think the fit is really flattering.

I used a black and white viscose which has a crepey feel to it from Croft Mill.  I do love the fabric, the feel and the drape .... but ...... it seemed to stretch a lot e,g, when sewing seams.  When I did a final fitting I found that  I couldn't wrap the underside through the gap and get a good fit, and so I had to take 2 inches from the left-hand edge.  I don't know whether that was because the dress was just to big or the fabric had stretched.  (Here's that thread again!)

I think the fit is really flattering for all sizes.  I love the dipped hem and flutter sleeves (which are really easy to insert).  This wasn't  too difficult to sew.  You are told to put stay tape at the neckline and this is crucial, I also stay-stitched my neckline as it is some time before you add the tape and you could already have stretching.  I did not like the rather scratchy stay-tape I used something softer would have been nicer, perhaps a thin ribbon.

I love the pattern, it went together fine (except for the issue above).   It isn't too difficult, turning the ties is a little time consuming but with  turning tool it is much easier.

I've also made a couple of dresses for Gemma.  This is a copy of a Lana Del Ray dress she wore to a concert (sorry about the headless version).  And I made another I hoping to get a photo of.

We've also celebrated Dan's 26th birthday with a lovely local walk

Going up!

At the top  .... we have great views in Cumbria.

Lovely walk, but suffice to say my knees had turned to jelly by the time I got down.