Monday, 26 March 2012

First thanks so much for the 3 comments on my last blog!  How wonderful to have "readers" - something I never imagined.

What a beautiful weekend it was in Cumbria and I made good use of it.  Firstly my March make .... this feels a bit like a cheat because I had finished the cross-stitch a little while ago but hadn't finished it.  Due to a distasterous baby jacket, which I thought would be my March make (long story but ended up with holes!) I needed to finish something quickly and the cushion was ideal.  I hadn't got round to it because I couldn't find a cushion the right size, so first I had to make one and in the end I used a pillow which I sewed in half.  Then used some Laura Ashley plain Duck Egg material for the back.  Note the little paw .. who may be trying to steal this for her bed!

There followed more sewing machine efforts on Sunday and tonight.  I finished making the top for my patchwork quilt.

Then the "sandwich" ....

So finally its the quilting.  Bear in mind this is my first try at patchwork and quilting.  I am also a real beginner with my sewing machine, so the first challenge was changing the foot and adding my extension table.  With that achieved  I started - the 1/4" Seam foot was great and really helped to make straight lines.  Two rows later ....

and actually I was rather excited (isn't the backing fabric fab - a bit like a delft tile).  So  was thoroughly enjoying myself but then a problem emerged how to you continue sewing as you get more and more fabric under your sewing machine arm!   I'm sure there is a very simple way to solve this but I wan't sure how you coped with all the fabric.  Due to the guide on one side of my machine foot - I could only stitch on one side of the seam, so I just rolled the rest up ....


... and this did work for this size quilt but I have no idea how you could do that with an ordinary machine and a double quilt.  It seems like an enormous amount of work to quilt by hand though many do and I now understand why some send their quilts off (presumably to a long arm machine).  Personally I am finding the quilting very satisfying so couldn't imagine giving this bit to someone else.
So far I've done about a quarter of the quilting and I'm pretty proud of the results so far, and should be at the binding stage for next weekend.

Some progress also on my cross stitch as demonstrated by my lovely assistant:

Just a little reminder of all the lovely hyacinths I've enjoyed this winter of which this is probably the last few flowers

If only cross stitch could smell as fantastic!

Finally a quick film review; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (8/10) thoroughly enjoyed though some bitter sweet as it reminds you of things to come (at least if you are the wrong side of 50).  Very evocative of India and reminded me of a great Xmas there in 2006 including a great time in Jaipur and definitely the scariest road crossing I ever had to make.  The hotel certainly looks better than a care home in England!  India is fantastic - what architecture ..


  1. Beautiful, I so love the colours! You have been very busy xx

  2. What an amazing assistant you have!
    love your quilt...well done and cushion is gorgeous x
    love jooles x

  3. The quilt is lovely - i have only made one and it leaves a lot to be desired! But the kiss tapestry cushion is wonderful! I have been working on this tapestry on and off for three years and am three quarters of the way through. You're finished version inspires me to complete mine.

  4. Congratulations on your first quilt!! Have you caught the bug? I have many quilts "on the go", but just can't resist new fabric and planning new projects!!
    Waiting for the movie "The Best Marigold Exotic Hotel" to hit our area next week. The trailer looks brilliant.
    Cheers, Trudy