Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter hols

Well what a great time I've been having!  Dan and Gemma came home on Saturday and its been lovely.  Sunday was full of spring sunshine.  I love spring, so full of new life and warmth.  We've had some lovely walks:

Everyone getting ready to go!

Rosie deciding whether to go on two feet or four!

Beautiful colours and blossoms ....

A walk in Levens Park with goats, deer and strange trees!

Walks are so much nicer with company and its easy to walk much further without noticing.  In fact everything is better with company.

On the crafting front I have two finishes.  I finished binding my quilt.  The mitred corners were more difficult than it looked on Youtube.  Maybe that is because I made mine thicker.  This has definitely been a learning experience and there are lots of mistakes, but overall I'm still quite proud of the completed item.  Jess likes it ...

So does Rosie (bit of a bad hair day though!)

I'm pleased with how the fabrics have worked together, though next time I might jumble them more and I really want to make one in duck egg blue.  I will definitely be more accurate cutting out (better still buy pre-cut ones) because any mistake affects everything right up to the binding.

I've also finished my cross-stitch hyacinths and given it a fabric binding and a Tilda button.

Finally last night we went to Blackpool to see Derren Brown.  Actually we have been to see this tour already but Dan absolutely loves Derren and he gives a great show.  I think its good at a time when you can't believe anything you see on TV or films with  all the CG etc to see a show where you are just as perplexed, but it all happens in front of you.  I have no idea how he does what he does.  What an amazing building the winter gardens is (where the show was) .... some great architecture.

The drive back was awful much for spring!  My hands ached from holding the steering wheel in the wind and heavy sleet all the way. 

All for now ... I'm still on holiday ... lovely and will be starting some new projects.  I've also decided rather bravely to have a give away this month - so those of you who are reading will have a really good chance of winning.  More later.


  1. Your hyacinth cross stitch is wonderful.....

  2. Thanks kathy. I love hyacinths , probably the only thing I miss about winter