Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring Giveaway

So I have bravely decided to have a giveaway, for no better reason than to celebrate spring coming and how much I am enjoying blogging!  I only started crafting just over a year ago - I had had some pretty difficult years and I can't tell you what a difference both crafting and feeling part of a community has made.  I have got so much out of cross-stitching, knitting, crocheting and sewing.  I love buying the materials, deciding what to do next and reading others' blogs.  In fact I feel that I can once again look forward to something.  I've been blogging since January and it's great, infact I would say it is now urging me to do more ...just so that I have something interesting to write about in my blog!  Can only be good.  Anyway to the giveaway ...

.. to include Zakka Style book, some fat quarter, ribbon, buttons and because I thought there should be something I made (and this is the bit which is nerve-wracking, please remember I am new to the game and definitely not up to the standard of the lovely things many of you produce) - a needlecase and pin-cushion from the lovely Helen Phillip's Simple Sewn gifts book.  There may also be a surprise.  To enter leave a comment and if you are a follower (or join) you will get 2 entries.  Obviously you have a very good chance of winning and I am happy to post anywhere in the world (as I am very excited to see from the data that I have had some hits from over the globe).  I will draw the winner on Sunday 22nd April.

On the making front I made an Easter rabbit ... liking the little fluffy jumper ...

... and bought some more lovely baby cashmero wool (think I'm obsessed with this wool) to have another try at a baby jacket (photos in next post) - this is photographed on a vintage hand embroidered table cloth bought on Sunday at Arnside Vintage Fayre (for £8 a bargain).

Finally just a few photos from a wonderful walk we had in Silverdale (yes as beautiful as it sounds) ...

... and this is what Rosie thought ... it's such a joy to watch her when she is out ... she is so fast for a little dog and so joyous ...

Well back to work tomorrow.  Hope you had a lovely break.


  1. Hello! I found your blog through Tales From A Happy House. I'm so pleased I followed the link - your blog is lovely. I love the quilt, you chose some lovely fabrics. The rabbit is so cute too. I look forward to keeping in touch. Lorraine xx

  2. Ooh how lovely! The rabbit is adorable!

    Thanks for your comments at my blog - i know what you mean about the incredibly high standards of some blogger's sewing skills. I'm always a bit in awe! But i think your needlecase and pin cushion look gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments and glad you liked the needlecase and pin cushion. I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. What are you going to make this month ... I've just got my copy of Mollie Makes ... glad I didn't try the cute little mice and some others who made them said it took an hour to turn a limb inside out! Take care

  3. Hello : -)
    Have just come across from the Little Woollie blog and happy to have found you. I, too, am new to blogging having started mine in December, so I'm at the 4 month mark, and it is such fun, isn't it? Want to now read more of your posts!
    Cheers from Australia,

  4. what a fabulous giveaway, please pop my name into the hat...thank you so much for the chance x
    Your bunny is so cute!
    I know what you mean about making things to show on your blog, i feel the same, it is so nice...i love it!
    thank you again, oh and i am already a follower
    love jooles x