Monday, 19 March 2012

Weekend Enjoyment

A lovely weekend- sun and son - what a combination!

Sunday started with a lie in, cup of tea and 2 new magazines.

Followed by Mothers' Day pressies (we worked the calorie count for the chocolate as 2,300!)

A bit of knitting (baby jacket which I haven't photographed - to be truthful not really enjoying the process nor too happy with the results) whilst watching Grey's anatomy, then a sunny walk.  As usual the cat started with us ... then waited on the corner for an hour for us to return.

Meanwhile Rosie has her own way of greeting people

Beautiful walk ... and look at these views only 5 minutes from my house ...

Then Dan and I took a trip to Blackwell House - built in the Arts and Crafts style ... interesting ...

Beautiful paint colours and views of the lakes .. not to mention scrummy afternoon tea ...

Still enough sunshine at home for a bit of gardening - including planting some new plants.  Just loving having some colour back in the garden.

So a busy weekend, not to mention lots of films; Water for Elephants (7/10), Ides of March (8/10) and We Need to Talk about Kevin (8/10).  No wonder there wasn't much time for crafting.   More progress next week and roll on Easter.


  1. My westie does that very same move! lol! looks like you had a perfect day - I love a nice Mollie Makes!

  2. Hi there - thanks for stopping my my blog and your lovely comment. Your mothers day looks fantastic...Mollie Makes, chocolate, day out, cream tea. Heaven! Gillian x

  3. Hello Mags....what a lovely blog you have x
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments.
    That afternoon tea looks fact i could eat it right now!
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  4. Blackwell House indeed looks interesting.
    And I spied "Mollie Makes" in your photo, isn't that a fun magazine. Here in Australia we're months behind, so I'll be looking at Easter "makes" in another month or so, but I'll be armed for next year!!
    Cheers, Trudy