Sunday, 12 February 2012

stitchy Saturday

A full week of a stinking cold but Saturday was still great.  Dosed up with Lemsip Max I attended a canvas and stitching workshop run by Priscilla Jones at the rather wonderful Martime Museum ....

Priscilla makes wonderful paint, collage and stitch canvases;

I had no idea what we would be doing ... but it was great.  The day started with painting fabric with white emulsion and cheap poster paint ... just like playing!  We then dried these pieces and ironed them and with a selection of fabrics

Then we started to build up a picture from these ....

Then came the stitching.  I'm a beginner on the sewing machine so this was a bit nerve-wracking to start with but then great fun.  Using free embroidery we attached the pieces together ... not being too precious!  I wasn't confident enough to embroider the text straight onto the piece (maybe next time) and I'd handstitched this previously.  When the whole piece is finished it is attached to a painted canvas with Pritstick!  I am delighted with the result for a first attempt and it certainly won't be my last go!  I'm going to select this for my February make.

Finally I bought a new cushion from BHS believe it or not which has certainly followed the handmade look.  Jessie likes it too!

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