Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

How quickly time has passed!  It was a good Christmas all round.  I had some lovely presents ... Gemma made me a lovely scrapbook full of lots of treasures and photos which Dan had painstakingly   scanned - a very special present .

We've been out and about antiquing.  Apart from the lovely pocket watch bought for Dan's Christmas

I found a couple of my favourite children's books

Found a lovely selection of kitchen memorabillia

... and a girl can never have too many pinnies for the washing up liquid bottles ...

Christmas lunch spent with our good friends who live just round the corner ....

It's also been my birthday 57 already!!

More lovely presents ... a jug I absolutely lovely from my friend Katie.

Another present is a macro lens for my camera which I need to practice with but which means hopefully I can photograph things more closely


We had afternoon tea at the Brewery ...

... and then as is traditional on my birthday evening went to the cinema - this time to see the Hobbit - which was quite good though it feels a bit of a cheat making 3 films from quite a small book.

I've just managed to sneak in a late ta da .... finally finished my jacket - which I will photograph on - I'm sort of happy with it, the trouble with knitting is that you just can't do anything with the fit (unless you are prepared to pull loads  back and I'm not) so this is a bit short and rather big around the waist.  I like the collar and the colours so will hopefully feel OK wearing it.

 I'm writing this on New Year's Eve, which is the first one I can ever remember spending on my own. Dan and Gemma are out at a party, but its OK - I've got the various pets to keep me company ... I've been catching up on Downton Abbey (I've only just watched last year's Christmas special) and I will have the odd glass of wine!

I hope 2013 is a great year for you all - its been lovely to read so many lovely Christmas blogs and I'm looking forward to many more next year!


  1. Happy New Year!! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing projects this year. Your jacket is beautiful!! xoxo

    1. Thanks Debbie - likewise - I've really enjoyed your projects. Just made some Xmas bunting with the inspiration of the lovely bunting you sent me which will be going back on display soon for spring. xx

  2. Gosh ..... happy birthday and happy new year!!!
    your jacket is incredible and what a wonderful scrapbook
    love jooles x

    1. Thanks Jooles - haven't worn my jacket yet ... it's too wet but hopefully soon we'll have some cold days. I going to do some scrapbook pages myself to carry on with my book. xx

  3. A belated Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to you - it all sounds very nice, I have to say. That scrapbook is really special. Well done on finished your jacket, I have to say I do like the soft colours and tones in it.

    Gillian x

  4. I loved seeing that gorgeous scrapbook, what a great present! Your vintage finds are lovely, I love Alison Uttley books too. Your new jacket is a wonderful achievement, such a lovely pattern and soft colours. Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday, Mags, and a very Happy New Year!
    Helen x