Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Taking a liberty

It's been a very busy week, hence the delay in posting, infact over the last 3 days I've clocked up 31 hours so I'm really looking foward to a long weekend.  Partly of the long hours has included a trip to London which of course involved the need for some "vanilla" knitting for the train.  I don't know why I thought that a shawl pattern with lace and cable was suitable for this, as actually it required quite a lot of paying attention!  It is knitted on a circular needle

and there is no increasing or decreasing because it is shaped using short rows. 

You can just aabout see the pattern here, but it will need blocking.  This is how it is supposed to look

More info on the pattern in case you are interested on Ravelry.  Hopefully the completed item on my next blog.

In the lunch break in London (I was on a conference) I was determined to give myself a little treat and so I dashed down Oxford street to ....

Passing the most beautiful flowers

... and in less than 10 minutes left with

which contained 1 1/2 metres of fabric.  Not by usual style but it is beautiful and soft and will eventually turn into a blouse.

Last weekend I went to an Antique and Vintage Fair at Lowther Castle

... and came back with a lovely teaset, which included the basket

.. and a beautifully made vintage doily

I also bought some gorgeous plaid, at least 2 metres, enough for a jacket for £10 (I looked at some plaid on the internet recently and it was £40 a metre)!  Perhaps Rosie is sizing it up for herself!

Well all for now ... hope you are enjoying some sunshine where you are!


  1. Ooh, a Liberty print blouse, very nice. I've often wanted to make something to wear in tana lawn fabric but I need to get better at sewing so that I don't waste the fabric! Looking forward to seeing what you make with your purchases. x

  2. Yes, I think I'll save that fabric and use some of my cheaper ones first. Like all crafting you definitely get better with practice! I'm going to have to be strict with myself though - definitely getting obsessed with fabric at the moment (it was wool before!). x