Monday, 16 September 2013

And the winners are ........

Using a random generator the winners are .....

Prize a: the sewing prize goes to CosmicCaro all the way in Montreal

Prize b: the knitting goodies Gillian from Tales from a Happy House in Leeds

Prize c: the crafting items: Alis

Please send me an email with your addresses and I will post the goodies off early next week - hope you enjoy!

I've been enjoying a calm and peaceful week and Dan and Gemma have arrived safely in Malawi to undertake their 5 week medical volunteer placement, so its just me and the animals.  So, you may, ask do I have a finished project to show?  No!!!!  There is a tale to tell about invisible zipper foots and uncooperative hems but I'm saving that for next week.  Suffice it to say I have been enjoying some sewing and knitting and hopefully will be back on my not unsubstantial plans, as revealed last week, soon.

I did brave the terrible rain yesterday to go to a Vintage Fair in Penrith and picked up a few vintage clothes ....  Perhaps I could pretend to have whipped these up myself!

A jacket with more than a touch of Chanel (not very old though as it is H & M)

A houndstooth check dress (looks a bit baggy here but its cosy and quite stylish.

And finally a genuine 50s wool coat  .... which I think was a bargain for £40.    I love the style though have to admit that I'm not sure it suits me.  At only 5 ft 4 in I can't decide if the style drowns me ... still its so cosy and warm and I'm sure I could get my money back if I try to sell it.

Do you wear any vintage clothes , what is your favourite era - I definitely favour 40s and 50s - not so keen on the 60s on but I think that may be because I remember it from the first time round!  How old does that make me sound!


  1. I love pre 1920's fashions - I don't wear them but would love to swish a full bodied skirt and puff up a leg o'mutton sleeve, unfortunately it would be fancy dress. Otherwise it would have to be the 1970's, flares and long scarves, also love 1940's coats and jackets. Thrilled to see I am one of your winners, thank you so much.

  2. The honeymoon sounds amazing, what a wonderful thing to do together. You must be a very proud mum xx

  3. Oh, how exciting! Thank you so much. I am chuffed to bits, I am going to knit Christmas presents with the yarn. No idea what, yet...

    How cool of Dan and Gemma to spend their honeymoon volunteering. Not many people would do that. x