Monday, 18 November 2013

Wish me luck as you wave me hello!

What a busy couple of weeks it's been!  Dan, the photographer, is home so first a little catch up of my last few makes being worn (not keen on the photos though!).  My landgirls' cardi (blog here)

I've been wearing this cardie a lot, its warm and snuggly and I love the colour.  It has looked lovely with my poppy corsage (not made by me I'm afraid but available on Etsy from the lovely Lucy    here)

Next, my Hetty cardigan (more detail here), as I said not great photos, I look pretty miserable here!  I think I have a slight embarrassment at asking Dan to photograph me - need to work on that!

... and finally the plum Anna Dress.  You may remember I said this was tight, and as you can see skintight was no exaggeration!  I will need to either shed a couple of pounds or buy some Kwok style suck-you-in pants to getaway with this!   Plus more unflattering photos!  Still you get the picture (no pun intended)

I've been sewing a Hawthorn dress, continuing with my jacket and knitting another cardie (is there an obsession starting here - how many cardies do you need?).

On the non-crafting front a lovely visit to one of my favourite local places Levens Hall garden which has a definite Alice in Wonderland feel, and the last faded roses were beautiful in the sunshine (yes we have had 2 lovely days).

... and there were some lovely fat hens!

We had a lovely evening watching the RSC production of Richard II live (i.e. on a film but shown live all over the country) with David Tennant in the lead role and sporting a rather fetching wig and sparkly nailpolish!

And then there have been 2 evenings (because the first try was unsuccessful) when I went from this ....

To this ....

Yes I had a perm, I know perms have been out of fashion for ages, but I fancied a change and want a wavy bob.  Now you may be looking in horror at the extremely curly pic. above, but trust me it looks better when it styled (but you'll have to wait to see that!).  Its another busy week and I'm away from home for work for 2 nights so am looking forward to a quieter weekend and hopefully another reveal.  I've also been gifted a lot of 1980s dress patterns and will be offering a couple of bundles to anyone who is interested .... fancy a bit of the 80s?


  1. The cardigans and dress are all absolutely gorgeous. They suit you so well. I don't think you need to lose any weight at all! Big pants are the way to go over a diet any day. I'm looking forward to seeing how your perm looks when styled, I must say.

    Thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments. I am looking into adverts, trying to find a good way to do it. We need the cash, frankly! The fabric is for a peg bag. :-)

  2. Snap with your comments Gillian, I am so pleased your blog has taken off in such a way, your write lovely posts and I so enjoy sharing the happy parts of your life! I'm off to buy the pants! xx