Monday, 16 December 2013

Dior New Look jacket a la Gertie

You might be forgiven for thinking that I've gone into hibernation!  I think being away for work for almost two weeks in the last four have just left me behind and out of sync!  Still back now and have finally finished my jacket, and I'm pretty pleased.  The light is so bad before and after work that I'm only going to photograph it on the dummy until next weekend.  So with no more delay  ...

The pattern is from

and I love it.  As you can see the waist is really fitted and I love this style.  I didn't follow all the tailoring instructions such as pad stitching and horsehair interfacing.  But I did make boundbutton holes

I also made my own shoulder pads because I wanted them to give just a bit of shape, while shop ones are far too big.  I cut four half circles of quilting wadding which I had left over.

Stitched these together, whilst shaping them.

Then cut a circle of fabric which I folder over and stitched.

et voila ... shoulder pads.

I'm very pleased with the plaid matching.  I cut everything out singly so that I could match it as well as possible (remembering to flip the pattern over).

You may remember when I bought a kit to make a crochet scarf and had all this lovely wool,

which turned out to be incredibly fine ( 3mm crochet hook) and took me ages.  Well I have picked it up again, still no faster and it has taken me a week to get this far (which is about 3"x5").  4 square down and only 96 more to go!  So don't hold your breath for this reveal.

A rather belated winner for my give away.  The patterns did not prove to be attractive but Gilly has won the book (Gilly shall we meet up over Christmas so I can deliver?).

Finally just a recommendation for Gravity which we saw at the cinema this week, unfortunately I get too queasy for 3D but still enjoyed the 2D.  Spectacular effects!  Less impressed I'm afraid with the Great British Sewing Bee Christmas special, I missed the dressmaking and it seemed odd seeing Patrick making table runners and reindeer jumpers!  Have a great week.


  1. I love your jacket, it looks so professional. I enjoyed seeing how you made the shoulder pads. You are getting very good at this dressmaking lark, Mags! I haven't seen the Sewing Bee Christmas special yet but I haven't heard much good about it - I may give it a miss and focus my free time on Strictly and Christmas films instead! x

  2. WOW! your jacket is AMAZING!
    Wishing you and yours a magical Christmas~time
    love jooles x x x

  3. Oh, wow! That IS fantastic. I like the way it tapers in at the waist. I'll have to give that pattern try. That is much better than the pattern for the jacket I just sewed. I should have done this one... I even have this book. Sigh.

  4. Hello Mags, im a relatively new blogger, came across your blog from we sew retro and thought I'd say hello from Aus. I love your Dior inspired jacket, im also a Gertie fan, though I haven't tried that one. Yours is a stunning version. I also really like your blue wedding dress. My daughter is recently engaged and I thought yay dress making opportunities.