Sunday, 26 January 2014

The ruby dress; Simplicity 2444

As I mentioned last week I went to a Burn's night and thought a new dress might be in order, so thus the Burn's ruby dress.

The pattern was free with a sewing magazine and the fabric was in my stash (I think it cost about £13) so a really cheap dress.  I love the colour of the fabric which is a deep red, with a black sheen, you can probably best see it below, where I'm also showing off my pretty invisible zip!

I love the fabric, and the skirt especially with a fluffy petticoat, but there are some problems.  The main one is it is a tad tight (which did encourage sitting up straight and eating very little - not necessarily a bad thing).  I made a muslin which fitted well, but I think the problem was that the bodice was too long and I shorted it by reducing the shoulders, which I now realise pulls up the waist and thus makes it smaller.  A good learning experience that I need to shorten the bodice at the correct line in future (and I am discovering that I have a slightly short bodice).

I lined the bodice and sleeves with some rose satin which feels lovely.  I don't think I would line the sleeves again as it was pretty fiddly and probably not necessary.

The darts look a bit off here!  I made the hem look pretty by using some stretch lace.

The other bit of news is yet another addition to the family ... .

yes another kitten, this time Gemma's birthday present.  This cutie is a rag doll cat which is a house cat who likes being handled.  She has settled in really well and even had a bath.

Her name is Bronte and that makes 2 dogs and 3 cats in the house, although this is temporary as she will obviously move out with Dan and Gemma when they go.

Not much else this week but lots of rain which has been a good excuse for lots of knitting and  and watching Poirot and the Bletchly Circle.    We have also really enjoyed a fantastic dramatized animal series called Hidden Kingdom - if you haven't seen it give it a watch on BBC I player because it is amazing!  I'll leave you with a few of their fantastic images.


  1. That dress is gorgeous, well done you!! Love that little cat, soo cute...haven't had time to watch BBC iplayer yet though.. :)

  2. Stunning dress - perfect colour for Burns night x Jane

  3. Your dress is a triumph! You look fantastic in it. You have such a tiny waist - I'm always envious. The kitten is very, very cute. x

    1. Thanks so much all of you, its really kind of you.

  4. Your dress looks lovely ;) And the kitty is adorable...I really need to get a cat again:)
    I love all the BBC nature series, haven't seen this one yet, but I will! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I love the dress, that colour is stunning. Perfect for a Burn's Night supper. I made up Simplicity 2444 years ago, I keep seeing more beautiful versions. I might have to make it up again!
    Unfortunately Hidden Kingdoms hasn't made it to New Zealand yet, however the choir I sang in when I lived in the UK are performing on the soundtrack! That's my claim to fame!

  6. I realize this post is quite old. However, your 2444 is stunning! Beautiful work :)