Sunday, 7 September 2014

A dotty Moneta and birthday theatre

I'll start with a bit of sewing news.  This is my dotty Collette Monetta. 

I made this as a wearable muslin before cutting my next one from some favourite fabric.  From the photos you probably think the dress looks fine, but the fabric is really cheap knit which I bought from ebay ages ago before I realised that really cheap fabric usually looks like it!   The white shows through when the fabric is stretched.

I really like the fit of the dress.  I cut a medium and it fits well.  I found the waist really fiddly, where you are supposed to stretch clear elastic to gather the waist, and I haven't got it very even.  In my next version I might trim a little off the width so it is a little less gathered.

I made the version with the collar, but as you can see it doesn't lie very flat, and so I won't make this version next time.  I think the collar does give the dress a more vintage vibe though.

I'm wearing the dress at Morecambe Vintage by the Sea where Dan and I had a lovely time.  There were some fantastic outfits.

Gorgeous vintage cars.

... and I picked up a fantastic bargain with a lovely 1912 portrait of a lady and dog to match my recent purchase from Glasgow Vintage Fair.  I love both these portraits.
 August 29th was Dan's 23rd birthday and we had a meal at Wagamama,

followed by a great evening at the Lowry Theatre

We saw WarHorse and the staging was fantastic.  The horses are amazing and actually get ridden!  Although some of the acting seemed a little over the top, it is still well worth seeing. 

So it's been a busy couple of weeks, and lots of fun!  Hope you have had some fun times too.


  1. Another fabulous dress. The polka dots work really well, and you had the perfect venue to wear it to. x

    1. Yes, it was a great day, I do love a vintage fair! xx