Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's a wrap Simplicity 1653

This is my first wrap dress.

(Sorry about the strange sunlight effect and the bad hair day, difficult to find the right light at the moment!)  This was a free pattern with Sew Magazine, so it seemed rude not to have ago.  The fabric is  Jersey Leaves Mosby at £8.50 a metre.  You need 2 metres so the dress cost well under £20. It is a lovely soft knit fabric, which really does feel gorgeous to wear, although I think it will only work with a dress with a lot drape.


It's a good fit across the bust with no gaping.  I staystitched the neck edges immediately to try and stop any stretching, and also added some invisible elastic to the front waist to try and give some extra strength.

The pattern is the first "Amazing fit" pattern I've tried and I'm not really sure what I think.  There is a 1" seem allowance so that you can play around with the fit, but that's such a lot of fabric that I think it is quite difficult to deal with.  In the end I took in a bit more than the 1" at the side seams and an inch on the sleeves.  The sleeves are still too big though, and actually I think I could probably have cut a size smaller all round (though at least it isn't fitting too snug around the tummy!).    I cut my usual size 14, and took my usual 1" from the bodice length.  Not easy in this case as it interfered with the pleats on the front wrap piece.

This is such an easy dress to wear and I can stick a jacket on for work.  I made it with the lightening stitch on my machine and then overlocked it.  All the hems are stitched with a twin needle.  I don't love sewing with knits because I can't seem to get a neat finish.  Overall, its an OK dress and actually I've already worn it 5 times (so as you can see it has held its shape), but I don't think I would make another. 
Just want to make a film recommendation.  Dan and I went to see the Imitation Game yesterday and I thought it was an interesting, moving film with great acting (we love a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch, especially in Sherlock). 
 I found out a lot more about Alan Turin, the man who broke the Enigma Code, it is appalling how he was treated.  So if you are looking for an intelligent, informative film this is a good one.  What have you been up to recently?

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  1. I love a wrap dress - always comfy, always flattering, and yours is lovely. I've never sewn with knitted fabric and have heard it can be tricky to work with. I bet you make it look really easy! x