Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Yona coat

I made a coat, an oversized boyfriend coat and I love it.

I think there is something about making coats which make you feel rather clever.  Actually this is a relatively easy coat, and probably a good choice for a first go at a coat.  The baggy style means you don't have to worry about fitting.  The pattern is Named Yona Coat.  Unfortunately I had to get it on PDF, which I absolutely hate.   It just seems to take ages, and no matter how I try never quite seems to go together absolutely perfectly.    Having printed out the pattern and spent more than an hour sticking together and tracing (which you have to do on this pattern due to overlaps) I finally decided to check the size of the box (yes, I know crazy, you are supposed to do this before you print out) and it was too small, so I had to print, stick and trace again!  That was at least 4 hours work and I would far rather pay the small premium for a paper pattern.  This pattern was only available on PDF and I do like it.  It maybe a little too baggy though, and I could have stuck with the slightly smaller first version.  I cut my usual 38" bust, grading down a little at the waist.  The pattern does look very different on the website made with a wrap and belt, but with buttons it does look different.

The fabric is boucle wool, bought through ebay and a really good value satin lining (£2.50 a metre) also from ebay.

It's a really comfy coat, though to make it warm you would need to interline, and I didn't do this.  I did do bound button holes (too dark to show on a photo).  The coat was pretty much a doddle to make.  The main difficulty was getting the collar together with the layers.  I used my new clapper to press the thicker bits much flatter.  I know a clapper is only a bit of wood but it definitely makes a difference when pressing thicker fabrics and I think it will make my jackets and wool items much better.  Definitely recommended, though it is only a bit or wood and you don't need to purchase a specific clapper to get the same effect.

Also wearing the coat in piccie 1 with my new crochet cowl.  Here's a photo before joining together.

I did get rid of that strange purple row on the right.  This is a complete copy of Gillian's lovely cowl(hope you don't mind Gillian!).  I had a lot of left over bits of baby cashmero from my blanket and this has made a really cosy warm cowl, just right for the weather now. 

I am very, very happy to be welcoming more readers on Bloglovin.  It's great to know that others are interested in my meanderings!  Happy Christmas if you are reading this on the 25th, or hope you had a great time if it is later.  Because Dan is working a 12 hour shift on Christmas day we had our celebration today and had a lovely time.  I'll leave you with a photo of my lovely boys Christmas 2000 and our much loved dog Kerry.


  1. Both the coat and cowl are fabulous I bet they are both going to keep you nice a snug this Christmas, enjoy!!

  2. Thanks Wendy and with the weather today you need to keep cosy. Happy new year to you.

  3. Oh no! I hate sticking together PDF patterns too, I might have cried if I'd had to do it twice and then trace as well!
    The coat and the cowl look fabulous though, so worth all the effort.
    Merry Christmas Mags x

  4. Thanks Jeanette. Happy New Y xear to you, Looking forward to seeing your makes in 2015! xx

  5. Oh Mags, look at your coat! It's just gorgeous, so chic. A doddle to make, I don't believe you! I am flattered that you liked my cowl so much you wanted to make one too. I love the colours you used. The best thing here is that photo though, there is so much love going on in it. xx