Sunday, 13 September 2015

Made Up Ginger Jeans and Aster blouse

I made jeans! There are some garments which seem to signal that your sewing has progressed; the first dress, the first shirt, the first jacket ... the first cost.   Jeans felt like the next of these for me, and so even though there are not perfect I am "made up" by achieving this milestone.  For those of you who have been involved in Karen's fantastic fundraising effort you will recognise the pun.  My Ginger jeans were my pledge for this and I finished them in time. 

The Ginger jean pattern is a great pattern with clear instructions and if you use the sewalong as well suddenly the jeans challenge becomes a possibility.  I made quite a few changes.  I made the high-waisted version but didn't want skinny jeans so I added quite a bit to the width of the legs, grading out to the widest width.  I cut a size 10 and because of my high waist added an inch to the crotch length.  I'm not sure if the waist is a little too high now; what do you think? 

My high waist is the reason I can't buy jeans to fit me, so I am pretty delighted with these.  They are just a touch tight, you can see them stretching a little too much in the photos.  They may well stretch a bit with wear and I'll just add a touch more room in the next pair (which there will definitely be).

A few details ...  (excuse the quality of photos).  I did have a bit of a problem at first with the zip and had to unpick it the first time as I didn't have enough overlap. Can you spot the mistake here .... I don't know how as I thought I was being careful but I have made men's jeans, yes my fly is the wrong way round, but I don't really care!

I'm pretty pleased with the top-stitching, although as you can see I played safe by top-stitching in black so it wouldn't show too much.  I did find  top-stitching rounds difficult.

The pockets went on pretty well.

I used a bit of Chambray for the pocket linings, but the denim for the waistband.

The shirt I'm wearing is the Colette Aster.  This is a pretty straightforward sew.

I like the neckline (which I did raise a little for modesty), but the shape is a little baggy for me, especially in the back.  I think I knew it wasn't going to be, but for some reason still bought the pattern!  I cut a size 10 but graded in to an 8 at the waist.  What I do love about the shirt is the fabric, it's double gauze and it is so soft and gorgeous to wear (and great to sew as well).  I think pyjamas would be great out of this fabric!

I visited Vintage By the Sea at the weekend - lots of fun and fabulous vintage dresses (although the ones I would have loved to buy were too small for me).  I did manage to pick up a great vintage pattern which I will make.  There were some great vintage cars.

... cakes and fun!


  1. The jeans are fabulous! I struggle to get jeans that are high enough on the waist for me - I'm tall and have a long torso - and hate the way so many wriggle down while I wear them. Hello muffin tops! But this pair is so flattering on you and a really good fit. Nice job, well done, and the blouse looks great too. x

    1. Thanks Gillian, are you going to give making a pair a try? I didn't think that I would end up with wearable jeans, it was easier than I thought if you take it slowly and one step at a time.

  2. You did a fantastic job; and now you've conquered jeans you'll never look back! They fit you beautifully and suit you to a tee too :)