Monday, 14 December 2015

The Orla times two!

Well I can't believe it is 6 weeks since I posted, the longest ever.  There have been many reasons, mostly to do with being very busy, but also I think because I feel pretty blah about the garments I had planned to post (not only that but blah about the photos too!).

After really liking my last Tilly make, I'm just not keen on this one.  This  is Tilly and the Buttons latest pattern the Orla.  As you can see I copied Tilly's black dot version.  I cut a size 4 grading in 1 cm at the waist.  I'm only 5' 4" and so I shortened the length by 2".

I made a 1" full-bust adjustment which wasn't easy to work around the curved French darts.  I did manage to achieve this, but wonder whether this has made the overall top a bit baggy.  So what do you do with a make you don't really like .... make another!  I had already cut the second one out before I decided I wasn't too keen on the first, so I pressed on. 

I have had trouble with the necks being too high for me on Tilly's patterns, it makes me feel a little bit like choking do I lowered the neckline by 1/2" at the front.

From the back I think the fit looks baggy and rather shapeless.  You can see that despite narrowing the shoulders quite a bit (I followed the size 1 shaping) the shoulders still look too wide, and the pleated sleeve sort of flops.  Having read some other comments about Tilly's patterns I wonder if they are designed for a broadish shoulder, which then wouldn't suit me.  The sleeves don't look good at all.

You can see I chose to fit an invisible zip which meant that I cut two pieces for the back.

I think the main reason I won't get much wear from these is that they definitely feel more like tunics than blouses.   I don't really wear tunics, because I like something warmer when I'm being casual and smarter when I am at work.   They don't tuck in and stay very well.  The fabric for both is a slightly slippy rayon mix.

You can see the puffy shoulder here.

The second version has gone straight to the charity shop, and although I've worn the first once I think it will follow soon.  Anyway enough of this.  I may not have been blogging, but I have been sewing and more successfully; GBSB stretchy jersey dress, mustard Oslo, Chanel jacket, a silk jersey blouse and a Colette Wren to cover!

If you live in the UK you will know about the flooding in Cumbria.  I am fine, others have not been so lucky.  The photos below were taken a week after the flood on one of my usual walks in the valley where I live.    These are normally fields although they look like a lake (snow on the hills now too!).  Many have had a terrible time and have been made homeless for Christmas.  Some homes  still have 3 foot of water in them.  At Glenridding they were flooded twice in a week!  There are also many wonderful example of kindness and community spirit.

 I am really looking forward to Friday ..... two weeks holiday to come and, of course, lots of sewing!


  1. Lovely to meet you Mags - we're too good!
    Glad to hear that you are relatively unaffected by the flooding and enjoy the well deserved holidays. We're going through yet another restructuring!
    Shame about your tops as the fabric looks lovely but as ever - win some, lose some.

  2. That flooding is dreadful. I am glad you're not affected but my thoughts have been with those who are, and I gather it's pretty bad in Leeds too from what friends have said.

    Such a shame you don't like those tops but sometimes that's just the way it goes I guess. Your sewing looks amazingly neat and professional as always. I hope you're having a lovely relaxing break and enjoying the Christmas holidays. xx