Monday, 18 January 2016

Simplicity 1202 and Jalie 2921 Scarf Collar top

An outfit this time; skirt and top.  I need to apologise in advance for the lack of decent photos, these were taken during my cold and it shows!
The skirt pattern was free with Sew Magazine and it is one of those useful capsule patterns.

Misses' and Miss Petite Sportswear

I started with the fabric, some gorgeous Swedish wool, which has a slightly silky sheen and is a little more chartreuse than it looks here.  I thought it would make a cute skirt and overall I'm pretty pleased.  I cut a size 12 wanting it to fit on my natural waist rather than below, and I could still have taken some more out as it is a little loose.

What I have decided is that I just don't like faced waists and much prefer a waistband.  I would make the change, but it would make the skirt shorter and I think this is as short as I feel comfortable (even though the older I get the shorter my skirts seem to be getting!).

The other reason I'm not keen on the facing is you can just see it - it is a deep one.

I do like the deep pleats, they start at a flattering depth, giving you a nice flat line but with some interest.  Pattern matching .... not bad and I was pleased with the invisible zip insertion (sorry lack of detailed photos, I will improve .... promise!).

The blouse is the Jalie 2921 Scarf tie top.  This is my third version, number two is here.  I love this pattern, so easy to wear and pretty quick to make.  The tie construction is amazing, you fold the whole blouse into the tie collar to make a really neat join.  I made it the same as my last one, though the end result is definitely looser (even though it's the same fabric), but this time made the tie a few inches longer to make the tie better.  This fabric is silk jersey from Mood fabrics in the USA.  I can't recommend it enough, it's gorgeous and easier to work with than silk and so comfortable.  Just look at the colour selection.  I want more!!!  Unfortunately it is rather expensive here in the UK with the delivery and the customs (another £18) which means I probably can't succumb again.  But if you live in the US, it's a great buy.  I had 2 metres and that was plenty for the blouse with quite a bit left over to make some pants!

I am sure I will be making both of these patterns again.  I would like another skirt but with a waistband.  You will also see this fabric again.  I am going to buy some more to make a winter weight Colette Laurel with added welt pockets.
I've enjoyed another film, this time The Danish Girl
Image result for the danish girl
Thought provoking and very beautiful and I really coverted this kimono.  Perhaps one for the future ... so much to sew!


  1. I like your outfit. I have both these patterns but wasn't that interested in the Sew one but I like your version better and it has made me rethink that.

  2. I like your outfit. I have both these patterns but wasn't that interested in the Sew one but I like your version better and it has made me rethink that.

  3. This outfit looks lovely on you. The skirt is a beautiful colour and looks nice, without the waistband too. And you got silk jersey! Such a beautiful fabric, I found some on eBay once, made a lovely top then it got shrunk by my husband who put it on the wrong setting in the washing machine. I'd love to get my hands on some more, but at a reasonable price, if I can.

    1. Thank you. Silk jersey seems to cost an absolute fortune in this country. I got some recently very reasonably and will be making a Wren so you'll see it in the Spring.

  4. Love that skirt Mags and love the fabric. I also like your styling - black and yellow.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I was going to wear it for you know what .... but changed my mind.