Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Colette Selene skirt

There has been a bit of a delay in posting due to internet access but this hasn't topped me sewing and I have a few makes to catch up on.  The first is my Colette Selene skirt and definitely a hit.

I bought both the fabrics when I was shopping with Ruth from CoreCouture at Minerva crafts and I totally copied her!  Ruth is truly great at creating a wardrobe of wearable matching separates.  We both bought a wool and matching drapey burgundy fabric and  have made quite different items. 

So the skirt is my first attempt at the Selene and it will be a go to pattern in the future for a work skirt.  I think the shape and fit are perfect for me and really flattering, and the thing I was actually a bit worried out, the amount of interfacing on the front panels turned out to be the thing that helped the skirt to be flattering as it provided a sort of corset effect which hold the tummy in!

A really nice feature are the slanted welt pockets.  All the interfacing and the layers made it pretty thick on the two side panels, but as mentioned above it worked well in the end.  (Sorry seem to have lost the close ups on the pockets!).  The instructions for the welts were clear and the most important thing is to get the clip into the corners perfect.

I cut a size 10 but then had to take in the side seams quite a bit and a size 8 would probably have been the right fit.  The only other change was to add 4" to the length - I'm only 5'4" so it would be really short.  The back has a vent (pretty easy to do).

There is a separate lining pattern, and I really like not having to draft my own.The lining is shorter, so there is no issue around the vent.

I hand stitched the hem, but as usual it turned out to be my least favourite part of the skirt.  Does anyone have any tips for hemming to stop the very slightly lumpy luck?  Does interfacing help at all.  I am careful and do very tiny stitches but I'm never completely satisfied with the result.

So what about the blouse?  I bought this fabric to match and it does .... but the observant among you may notice it isn't finished and I'm afraid it won't be.  The fabric was a devil to work with and whilst I did lovely French seams and it went pretty well the fabric seemed to stretch and the shoulders ended up dropping spoiling the fit.  So I won't both completing it, but have worn the skirt with a mustard top.

I would definitely recommend this pattern and will be buying more fabric for more versions.  I'm going to the knitting and stitching show at Harrogate on Friday and will be looking about for suitable fabric.  (If you are going and see me - I'll be wearing a striped ponte dress - come and say hello).


  1. That's such a smart looking outfit Mags and you really suit the colour.
    Don't press the hem, well, press the fold but not the stitching - that's sometimes helps. Great skirt pattern too - added to my very long list of 'things to make'.

  2. Thanks Ruth. How did you find the blouse fabric, no problems with stretch? My credit card took a pounding at Harrogate so loads of projects planned

  3. You look gorgeous in this skirt! The fabric is lovely and the fit amazing.