Saturday, 7 January 2017

Tilly and the Buttons Rosa dress and McCalls 7100

Happy New year to you all and I hope that 2017 is a better year all round.  New Year and new page design , not quite finished because I don't know how to widen the header!!! I   have had a great Christmas, but gosh that 2 weeks has zoomed past.  I'm actually blogging a couple of November makes which got missed earlier.

I rarely join a pattern rush, but did make an exception for Tilly and the Buttons Rosa dress, just because I love it.

I really enjoyed making this dress.  I love the easy shirt dress style, but with so many features.  The combination of Tilly's excellent instructions (her illustrated booklets are probably the best instructions in any patterns I have tried) with lots of interesting details makes this a perfect improver pattern to stretch your skills.

I pretty much copied the pattern version and made mine in a light-weight denim, unfortunately that means it  is  bit cold for now, so I haven't got much wear from it yet!  The princess seams in the front and back give a really nice fit.  I could possibly have fitted a little bit more, but I'm not sure you want to be too tight on this style of dress and I am happy with the finished dress.

 I love the back yoke detail, and it went together more easily than I expected.  I chose to do a single row of top stitching in a mustard colour.

I often duck out of patch pockets because it is difficult to get them looking good, but I felt this dress needed them and they did work out pretty well.

I used a little bit of liberty fabric in the undercollar for a flash of colour.  I used a metallic style buttons and I think snaps would also look good.

I made one huge mistake.  I didn't like the effect of a turned back cuff showing the seams so decided to add a false cuff, and somehow I managed to catch the sleeve in my overlocker and make a cut!  This meant that I had to move the tabs to the back of the sleeve to cover the repaired rip. They look a bit odd here, but wearable.

I also made a McCalls  7100 as part of their sewalong.  This wasn't sewalong as I know it.  It was a facebook page with some tips and hints.  This was actually a pretty tricky pattern and I could have done with more support!

The pattern is nice.  A raglan style with opportunities for colour blocking.  I rather weirdly decided I wanted a Chinese silk effect so bought this Satin Brocade from Minerva crafts at £7.99 (still in and available in other colours).  Lovely fabric but boy does it fray!  I used satin back crepe (dull side) for the sleeves.  I spent a lot of time trying to match the dragon in the centre on either side of the zip.

The collar is made from some black ribbing and this was fairly straightforward.  I've only done one other open-ended zip like this and I was quite pleased with the end result.

The bit which was really tricky was the front waist panels attached to more ribbing.

The pattern doesn't come with a lining, so I drafted my own, which I also think gives a bit more body.  Not sure if I would recommend this one.are really in and there are lots of patterns to choose from and some may both fit better and be less fiddly!  However, I think I will enjoy wearing this in the warmer weather perhaps with jeans.

I had a lovely uiet Christmas, Dan and Gemma have been here for 2 weeks and I am so enjoying that.  The dogs joined in the fun!

It was also my birthday on the 29th of December and I had a lovely day.  Lunch at Carnforth Station which is where Brief Encounter was filmed and which celebrates the 40s; one of our favourite cafes.
Brief Encounter, David Lean. Top 10 Timepieces-In-Cinema,...:

This is Dan and me by the Station clock as seen in the film (wearing McCalls 7257)

Then we went to the cinema to see  Fantastic Beasts and Wear to Find them and being the Harry Potter fans that we are we loved it.  So a lovely break and now back to work.  I'll be covering some of my future sewing plans in my next blog, so until then  ..... Happy New Year.


  1. Happy new mags. Your rosa dress looks lovely. Great fit and something I think you will get lots of wear from.

    1. Thanks Manju, I think I will get lots of wear in the spring. Happy new year to you to, hoping this might be the year we get to meet up!

  2. My husband and best friend Olivia share your birthday, which might explain something! I am hoping to make a bomber jacket for myself, and one for my son, this year. I followed the sewalong and found it quite interesting. I think a lined or even quilted bomber would be nice. I like the way you have used the Chinese brocade which makes the jacket a lot more interesting than just using a plain colour. My one experience with the fabric was the same as yours - it just unravels before your eyes!

    1. Yes, I think I would have got more wear out of the jacket if it was quilted to get some more warmth. I just need to find the right outfit to wear it with.