Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy families

A very happy end to the week with Dan and Gemma home, and this time for over 3 months .... fantastic!    So we are all settling in together and today there was a lovely walk in the woods

I had bought a really sweet book during the week ...

...  which Gemma and I have really enjoyed and which led to us spotting and naming as many wild flowers on the walk as we could.  There were lots!  This is cow parsley.

My dining table looked like a craft shop this week, with lots of lovely wools and fabrics.  I bought my first jelly roll (Moda) and also ordered a couple of lots of wool, of which more later as I use them.  I finally have a stash of materials after usually just buying what I needed to use (not that I haven't plans for all this ... and actually the jelly roll is half-used already).  I feel like a child playing with my toys, handling the wool and putting the colours in different combinations.  You have to hold yourself back from just starting lots of new projects to use the new bits as they come in, but sticking to my rule of a maximum of 4 on the go in each area of crafting! 

Most of my crafting time has been spent knitting this week.  I've finished most of the bunny clothes, body, head and one ear, so it should be finished some time this week (though I've run out of wool and am waiting for more).    I love the colours and am just going to crochet a little flower for on the jumper.

I've also been enjoying the joys of reasonably priced second hand books on Amazon.   All three books cost under 8 pounds.  The two knitting books are Patricia Roberts' ones, and it has been a trip down memory lane.  I had one of the books nearly 30 years ago and started (but didn't finish) at least one of the knits.  I really would like to knit some of them now if a suitable wool can be found (though the one below looks a bit beyond my skills). 

I did also treat myself to a new book and I love it. 

Knitting with The Color Guys

The pictures are gorgeous and whilst I probably won't knit many of the projects it is very inspiring.  The colours are wonderful.  Very good value at £8.50!  I've had a Kaffe Fassett needlepoint book for about 20 years and I still enjoy looking at it.  It makes you want to be creative and design something for yourself.  Not at that stage yet, though, I'm still using the patterns/charts etc. from others more talented than me and the bravest I've been is to change colours (which I do a lot).

The internet is so slow tonight that I'm going to have to post this Monday ... so enjoy the rest of the week - I'm sure I will.  Thank you those who left lovely comments, I am really enjoying reading them.


  1. You've definitely got the crafting bug, 'so much to do, so much choice and too many ideas!'. You're very disciplined to only have 4 projects on the go, wish I was so sensible LOL! Looking forward to seeing the bunny all done and dressed. Glad the family is home - lots of happy days ahead. Take care, XX

    1. Thanks Karen, in my job I don't often get chance to start and finish something so finishing a crafty project is really satisfying. Definitely having lots of happy times! Enjoy your week too! xx

  2. ahhh what a lovely post, it warmed my heart to hear that you have your lovlies home, my daughter comes home from uni next weekend..its such a wonderful thought.wishing you lots of music in the garden and wild flower walks.
    lovely wool and fabric! and books!!
    love jooles x