Monday, 7 May 2012

Meg's meanderings

I'm becoming a little bit famous (or perhaps infamous) around the village as the woman who goes on a walk with a cat!  Several people have stopped to ask about Meg (and if she isn't with us where she is?) ... yes catwalking seems to have become a habit.  At first she just came to the corner of the street, then a little further and she waited until we passed on the way back to join us (and there was the one night when we didn't go back the same way and she was still waiting for us at 8.30 until I went to find her!).  Now she is doing the whole walk.  As soon as I start getting my coat on, she sits and waits by the door ... the only way to sneak out is by the back door.

Setting off ....

Half and hour later, still with us ....

... getting home and too tired to walk beyond the hall!

I have no idea why she is doing this ... and whether she enjoys it (I know it takes longer - hence the trying to sneak out!)

On the crafting front the handwarmers are finished.

I'm pleased with the end product (though the knuckle part is a bit lose).  Now I really need to emphasise that the fair-isle bit isn't difficult - it's just stocking stitch - although you clearly have to pay attention to the pattern (I had to take the band back on one glove because I didn't spot the mistake until I got to casting-off).  The most complicated bit was definitely the thumbs.  I enjoyed seeing the pattern develop  ...

... and I think it will be even more interesting on the jumper I hope to knit,  because there are no repeat patterns.  Oh and finally sewing up with mattress stitch is actually easier on the fair-isle because matching stripes  is much easier.  If you haven't had a go I would definitely give it a try.

Well its been a great weekend ... two sunny days (raining today), lots of crafting, a trip to the Trafford Centre with Dan and Gemma and a yummy lunch at Tampopos (Asian cuisine)

.. and lots of relaxing time.  I could get used to the three day weekend!  Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Let's start a three day weekend campaign - I'm sure it would be very well supported!!
    How lovely that Meg wants to join you on your walk (in theory.... in practice I can imagine it is very frustrating when you want to get back quickly to knit!!).
    I love the hand-warmers. I imagine they would be very popular Christmas/birthday presents xx

    1. Definitely in for the campaign! Wouldn't that be a way of solving the unemployment problem. Yes the handwarmers might have been more seasonal in winter (although perhaps not with the weather today) but I wouldn't let myself buy all the wool for a fair-isle sweater till I tried something small. xx

  2. The hand-warmers are beautiful, well done! Sounds like a lovely weekend. We have a Tampopos in Leeds but I've never tried it despite hearing only good things about it - must try harder!

  3. Yes, you should give it a try, not cheap though for a lunch!! Good for vegetarians too. Back to work tomorrow ... shame .. stilly only 4 days to the weekend. x

  4. I love your handwarmers!! They are lovely! Three day weekends are always wonderful. but even better when spent crafting!

  5. I love the fact your cat goes out with you. When I walk my dog I always see a couple walking with their dog and two cats. So your not alone. It's a great sight to see. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x