Monday, 5 November 2012

50th Post and Give-away

Well here I am on 50 posts already and as promised a bit of celebration by sharing a few goodies.  First you may remember I knitted 2 Isis and Giotto shawls and I knitted two because one is to give away.  Hopefully one of you will enjoy a bit of snuggly warmth.

By the way if you ever want to see all my knitted projects pop over to my ravelry page here.  The winner will also get a choice of books, either Helen Phillip's lovely cross-stitchn projects or a rather wacky Alice in Wonderland (which you will like if you like Mollie Makes.

There's also some fabric, a vintage tray cloth, chocolates and some buttons and binding.

 There will also be a second place which will have a book, two balls of wool (enough to knit a scarf) and some other suprises.

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment - and if you are a follower you will get an extra entry!  Good chance of winning so have ago.  The draw for the winner will take place on 19th November.

What else I have been up to.  Still working on my cross-stitch, which seems to be taking ages.  Sometimes I have enjoyed making a project and not been too happy with the result, when I've been really lucky I've enjoyed the making and the result.  This one, I love the result, but not enjoying the process as much because it is very slow.  Using 18 count Aida rather than 14 has really slowed me down (not to mention not so easy for my poor old eyes to see!) but I think it will be worth it in the end.

I've also finished my Mollie Makes pinnie!  After getting MollieMakes for over a year this is the first thing I have made!  I really loved this fabric which is by Michael Miller  and you can get from here.  I  enjoyed making this - though I think you can probably spot the bib is a little big.  I also did get a bit lost with the instructions and sort of made it up in the end.    Good practice too, as I intend to have a bash at making clothes soon (wide-leg trousers here I come!)

And because I had a new pinny I thought a bit of baking was in order.  I used my lovely new vintage TG Green mixing bowl, bought at the vintage fair last week.

.. and whipped up a batch of sticky toffee traybakes (this is a great recipe) and from the TV series I've been enjoying (The Home of Fabulous cakes) some blueberry, yoghurt cupcakes ... displayed on a vintage cake stand (also bought at the fair).

I didn't eat these all myself and there have been a few cakes given to friends and colleagues.  I also enjoyed a trip to the cinema to see Skyfall (the lastest Bond).  Theres something about Bond films which take me right back to being young!  Lots of action, quite a few laughs, a good baddy and of course Daniel Craig isn't bad either!

.... and we've had every season here in Cumbria   ... you can just about see the snow on the fells here and the rainbow after the rain (not to mention the sleet which had just fallen and some spots of lovely sun).

Hoping you have had some sunny, crafty spells to enjoy too!


  1. Wow,what a fab give away offer! I follow you as well, so double the chance to win :-).

    I love your pinnie


  2. Just found your giveaway Maggie!! Can't possibly hope to win a second giveaway from you, but hey ... it's worth a try!!! Love all your goodies. What an amazing shawl, and book and buttons and chocolate etc. etc. etc!!! Those cakes look so scrumptious too. Do you think you could add one into the package, haha!!!!

  3. Hi Maggie, how lucky am I?!! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway. Will email you my address, and sit by the letterbox : -) Thanks again, Trudy