Monday, 29 October 2012

Mud and vintage

Are you enjoying the artic blast? - definitely much colder but the sunshine is just so lovely.  It is one of my favourite feelings to be on a walk and turn home into a cool wind which blows the hair from your face and at the same time be feeling the sun!

So of course there were some lovely walks, with lots of kicking through the leaves.  There is still a lot of mud around, though, and the dogs "boots" need a lot more attention post walk than mine.  This is two-at-a-time washing.

The dogs did try to  be helpful though - Tess tried to smooth down the pile of ironing

and Rosie was so exhausted by everything she thought it would help to fall asleep in the washing basket.

I treated myself to Tilda's Christmas Gifts, although I'm not usually into too much Xmas crafting, espeically the magazines being full of Xmas from September!

.... but there a a few projects I would like to make but particularly the snowmen in pyjamas!

... or maybe a reindeer.

My knitted jacket now has 2 fronts and 1 sleeve so about half-way there.  But I have now finished my farmer's wife wall-hanging  (it's so dull here that I haven't been able to get a decent photo).  It isn't perfect by any means and I went off the ditch quite a lot during the quilting, but I love it.  I love the colours and now I just have to work out how to hang it on my bedroom wall.  I would really recommend this as a project .. and as a quilting beginner it is possible to achieve!  I've learnt how important the cutting is, and I still found this really boring and I should have used a better quality cream for the joining pieces as you can see through a bit.  I'm going to start on a much easier lap-quilt in the same colours now for snuggling up on the sofa.

Another vintage sale on Saturday with some lovely displays of vintage crockery.

I managed to find a few bargains - some beautiful embroidered tray-cloths for £5

And  a table cloth for £8 - this would look lovely at Xmas.

And a sweet little vintage broach - don't know how it has survived unbroken.
Couldn't go without seeing if you have come across   Lucy Jackson who     has just finished making 365 embroidieries in 365 days!  What an amazing project and Lucy is incredibly talented! (This is obviously her work below - not a sudden increase in ability from me).

The project  reminded me of the Jules and Julia film and I was prompted to put the DVD on to accompany some knitting.  If you like cooking and blogging and haven't seen this film its definitely worth a watch.  For now I think I'll stick to my monthly make pledge ...

My next blog will be my fiftieth and I will be having a give-away.  So make sure you tune.  Have a great week and thanks for the lovely comments.


  1. The wall hanging is beautiful. Well done. You are so honest about the flaws but I think it looks pretty amazing.

    I am very intrigued by the Lucy Jackson project. I have not come across her but will certainly go and look. I also LOVE Julie and Julia, it's a real favourite of mine.

    1. Thanks Gillian - I do love the hanging despite any flaws! Duck egg blue is my favourite colour and looking forward to the next one!

  2. Beautiful makes I love the lap quilt it's stunning! xx

  3. Thanks so much - just put it on Annies October Make - I've really enjoyed doing that and looking at everyone else's work!

  4. Love that ironing basket picture! The whippets would do that, if only they fitted!