Sunday, 21 October 2012

Memories ......

One of the treats I love at the weekend is a lie-in with a cup of tea and a new magazine to read.  I think I might have mentioned before that I'm a bit of a crafting magazine addict - I was wondering whether this might have its roots in my childhood, where my pocket money would buy a comic and a bag of sweets.  First it was Look and Learn (approved by parents) ...

Then Bunty with its cut out dressing doll on the back!

Then Jackie ...  with the gorgeous David Essex on the cover!

Then there were grown-up magazines, reflecting the interests of the time; fashion, health, travel, photography etc. etc.  Now its knitting, cross-stitch, baking and sewing.

I have a file of projects saved I want to do .... 3 files so far!  Anyway excuse the trip down memory lane ... and now to some current crafting.

Thanks Gillian  and Jilly  for the knititng encouragement, much apprectiated.  I thought I would pop-in an honest photo to show the problem, and this is a bit I took back twice.  I think I've worked out that part of the problem is the way I've been passing the wool at the back so that it's shown some colour on the right side

I think with some blocking and some more stitches I can improve it a bit.  But as I've continued I've liked it much better  ... glad I didn't give up.

Now I'm up to the stripey collar, which is really big! 

My Farmer's wife topper is finished

And now I'm on to the quilting.  I'm just doing a simple in-the-ditch quilt, which means just going down the seams.  However, it's not quite so simple where you haven't got completely straight seams!  Just be complete for next weekend.

What a wondeful day it has been today - glorious sunshine and one of those walks where I can't quite believe how lucky I am to live with these views all around me.

Not much going on in my garden except that my acer is at its best at the moment ... beautiful.

Bye from a sunny Cumbria for another week.  Hope you have a great week with lots to smile about.


  1. Crikey, you've been busy!! Your quilt is gorgeous, how have you managed to finish that so quickly?!! And your knitting is beautiful. Fun to look back on the magazines of our childhood. I've been reading house magazines since I was about 14!!

    1. Believe it or not I've been working on it since May and its only 25 squares .... discounted 5 others. It would take me about 2 years to do a full one I think!

  2. You are so honest to show your knitting flaws! It's still way beyond my capabilities so I am impressed. That quilt is coming along nicely. I too love to read magazines in bed, crafting and interiors are my favourites.

    1. Thanks Gillian ... bet you get there soon! Have you got Mollie Makes this month - there's a crochet free gift, but I do rather fancy the teddy!

  3. Aww...thank you for your lovely comment about the vintage linen embroidered bunny, it may make you smile but you certainly made me smile today.
    Gosh you've been so busy. I have a Fair Isle knit in the pipeline so I am greatly in awe of yours. And the quilt is beautiful. I love the fabrics you've used.
    love Fi x

  4. Love the quilt :)

    I too remember those magazines, although not Jackie, I wasn't allowed it. I also remember a slightly older friend sneaking me in to see a risqué film with David Essex in it when I was too young for the rating, and feeling terrified I'd be found out the whole while we were in the cinema.

    Have a lovely weekend :)