Sunday, 3 February 2013

snow and coincidences

Finally I can upload photos after 5 weeks so I should be back to my normal weekly blogging, but this is a 2 and a bit weeks covered in one - so excuse the length.

What a lovely time I've had.  Dan has been here a lot (including the whole of last week)  and it was all the more enjoyable for being a surprise.  So we've had a cosy, chatty time watching films, walking the dogs and just being ... what could be better.

We went to an antique fair which we enjoyed.  It's funny how your own ideas change.  Two years ago I downsized and got rid of loads of stuff, at the time I wanted plain and easy to clean and ended up with a fairly beige, contemporary, plain look.  Recently I've redeveloped an interest in older things.  I've recently bought an art deco sideboard (here it is in the shop), which is side-by-side with modern pieces.  I don't really care if it goes I like it and this has left me looking for some appropriate period bits to display on it. 

I've been on ebay  (again!) and bought another tablecloth.  I certainly don't need it but look at how lovely it is for £4 and one day I think I will have some inspiration to make something new with some old embroidery. 

I got some lovely deco plates for £2 each (can't wait to have some yummy cake on them).  And back to the Fair I bought a beaded purse for no other reason than it's so beautifully made

and a little silver thimble (Charles Horner 1910 if that means anything to you).  A definite magpie with no real plan, I'm afraid.

On the crafty side I have been mostly cross-stitching, but it's a present so I can't show you until the its finished.  It seems to have taken ages and much longer than the stitching guide.  I've been doing a little knitting and the jumper is almost finished.  I love the wool but just can't get a good photo ... this is the best I can manage.

We avoided the snow for ages and then last weekend it stuck with a vengance - some enjoyable snow times.  The dogs love it and you are never too old to build a snowman!  It went as quickly as it came!


I had a lovely night at Queen Elizabeth School Kirby Lonsdale watching their production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  This was one of my favourite musicals and I still remember every line!  We were watching our very, very close friend Michael who has lived next door to us since he was 2 1/2.  Now 17 he has turned out to be very talented - its so lovely to see young people giving their all in a production .... very moving.  Couldn't get any  photos of this production but here's a reminder of the orginial film  ..... I thought Ted Neely (Jesus) was absolutely lovely when I was 18!

I've mentioned before that our cat Meg seems to thing she is a dog, but now she seems to be turning human!  She prefers her water straight from the tap .....
... she's also found a new way of sitting ....

... and it seems to be catching ...

Last weekend I met up with Jilly who won my giveaway!  Not only was it amazing that she lives around 20  miles away but we then found we actually worked for the same small department at Lancaster University around 30 years ago!  Difficult to believe what a small world it is and we had a lovely time looking at the quilting exhibition at  Fairfield Mill.  Jilly also does a lot of different crafts like me (and likes cake!) so I'm looking forward to us meeting again .. the internet is wonderful for making new friends.  Jilly also brought me a gift, a lovely lavender heart ... so I felt like I had won a give away as well.

So that was the last couple of weeks.  Next weekend  I should have a couple of finished things to show.  I've been practicing with close up shots with my macro lens so I'll end with a rose!


  1. Lovely close up shot of the rose at the end. I too am drawn to vintage embroidery without the faintest idea what I'll do with any of it!

    Gillian x

  2. Hopefully one of us will have a brilliant idea! Till then I'll have to pretend I ever use tablecloths, which I don't!


  3. Love the pics of the cat and dogs!! And that sideboard is fabulous!! I have a habit of buying things just because I like them, even if I don't have an immediate use for them!! I really should stay away from auctions and antique fairs!!!