Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter happiness

It's the last night of a lovely Easter week off.  The weather was gorgeous and there was plenty of rest and relaxation.  Good progress on the fair-isle with the back completed.  I've been stopped in my tracks at the moment though as I have run out of pale pink and when I went to buy another ball have found that the new dyelot is completely different!  I'm looking in lots of shops to try and find an old ball.

I'm also pretty proud of myself because I've made a pair of trousers!  They are vintage vogue ,  high waisted and very baggy (hope I have the guts to wear them!).   I love the fit on the waist which is usually difficult for me to buy.


And if you watched The Great British Sewing Bee you will recognise this .....


.... Yes it a zip fly!  .... and actually I think mine is better than many of theirs were!  Now before I sound too smug I have to admit that it took me a lot longer than 4 hours to make them (it took me ages to figure out how to do the zip!).   I am enjoying the series, but can't actually believe that these are actually the best sewers in the country - presumably they have been picked to make good TV (and I love Stewart and Anne!) but you would think really good sewers would have put in many zips, put on many pockets etc  than these competitors have.  Still if you can ignore that aspect it is very enjoyable!

I took Dan and Gemma back to University for their last term (where has the time gone!) and managed a quick bit of shopping.

 Yesterday I went to a massive vintage clothes auction at Barnard Castle, County Durham.   It was heaving with over 1,000 garments.

I had been quite excited about the opportunity to buy clothes from the 20s - 80's.  However, although the lots had been catalogued about £30-£40 for 3 garments  - the ones I went to bid for went for over £100!  I don't know whether it was auction fever but eventually my hand went up and I bought 3 jackets for £55.  One will be straight to Oxfam (80s check) but I do like the other two which believe it or not are from the 40s!

This is an aubergine colour and fits me perfectly

I also like this pale green one but it does need taking in (won't be doing that myself).

I do love imaging who might have worn them - they are older than I am and may well have been worn during the war years.  I will get Dan to take some photos when he is next back of them being worn, because I do intend to wear them.

Just have to tell you about this wonderful cook book - I'm in love with the photos - unlike most food photos the style is quite dark - reminds me of Dutch paintings -


To get a free taste of the lovely recipes and photos you can go to Katie's wonderful blog. (Gilly this link will take you straight to the lemon madelaine recipe which was really easy and can be made in advance).  I bet you add this to your list of favourites!

Well all for now.  Back to work tomorrow, though it isn't for a normal week - more of this in my next blog!


  1. Hello Mags - not quite sure how I got here but glad I am. What an impressive post - the fair isle knocked me for six for a start but then those trousers! Very 40's chic and with a zip fly to die for! It's a good job I didn't get to that fair - too much temptation but looks like good fun. Love the blog so far so I'm of for a mooch around x Jane

    1. Hi Jane, so glad you found me and thanks for your kind comments. I've had a brief visit to yours and I'm looking forward to having a really good look when I get back from a trip! Guess what arrived today ... almost exactly the same red spotted material you feature! x

  2. Bless you Maggie!! Thanks so much. I've just had a look at her blog and her book looks like just my sort of thing. I may be adding that to my amazon wishlist...

    I have to say - your trousers really are quite fabulous. They are so stylish and a very flattering fit. They look great with that cardigan. You are very talented indeed - I think YOU should be one that sewing programme!

    Gillian x

    1. That's so nice of you Gillian, don't think I'm in Anne's league and I don't think I would cope well with the time pressure! But I am enjoying sewing at the moment! x

  3. Wow!! You are so talented!! Those pants (trousers) are amazing!! Love your treasures and I am a bit jealous about the Cath Kidston visit....oh how I wish there was a CK store in the US :) xoxo

    1. Hi Debbie, yes it's a great shop and I bought a dress! I'm actually going to the states this week - to Columbus Georgia - so hope to find some nice shops there! more in next weeks blog! x