Monday, 22 April 2013

Georgia on my mind

I said it wasn't going to be a normal week at work and it wasn't.  I have been to Columbus in Georgia with a couple of colleagues to set up international opportunities for our students.    Apart from work meetings there was plenty of opportunities to get out and about, sightseeing and enjoying lots of iconic American buildings and vehicles.


I attended an American Rotary luncheon .... very Southern and unlike anything I had done before (Here we are with our badges).  Obviously the events in Boston had a great impact and where on everyone's mind.  We experienced great hospitality and even though many of the phrases were almost stereotypical they were said in a very genuine way ... great to hear "You all come back now you all".

In Columbus there was an old town which looked like a film set for Gone with the Wind, beautiful wooden houses with porches, and rocking chairs.

We visited the house where FDR lived and died ... The Little White House ... which was great.  Very simple and I doubt our own primeministers would ever build and live somewhere so basic. 


This is his desk and it's amazing to think of the decisions he must have made here during WWII

And this is the bed he died in

There were many things to look at, his wheelchair (as I'm sure you know he had polio), cars,

breakfast tray

We had fabulous weather except for this day, when the rain really came - as you can see by the drainpipe.
We had 4 nights in Columbus then a night in Atlanta.  A white-knuckle drive on the interstate (reminding us of Whacky Races) and a fantastic modern sky line.
We visited a festival (very sixties!)
Here we are at the Olympic Park (this is my work colleague Robert)
And just in case you were wondering there was quite a lot of eating - the pinacle of which was this brioche french toast with cream cheese filling, maple syrup and a peach soda in the hot sunshine!  I only managed half of this and I could hardly walk.
 There was, of course, a bit of shopping ... an absolutely gorgeous branch of Anthropologie
So much lovely stuff I didn't know what to pick ... but I had a good go and can't believe I karted all these home (without breaking any)
I've been eyeing up that camelion plate on line for ages.  There was some antiquing- difficult to find much American as the better shops come over to England to buy their antiques and then charge a fortune.  I managed to find a coupple of 1920s American Children's books and a lovely valentine card.

So does this mean there has been no time for crafting.  Well clearly taking 18 colours of wook for my fair isle wasn't possible so I started a new jumper from the Spring Debbie Bliss magazine and managed quite a bit of knitting (strangely I was allowed to knit on the plane going over, but not on coming back!).  This is a grey and white striped jumper which I'm is going to go with a skirt I've yet to make.  More later.
What a lucky girl I am ... a great week ... but completely jet lagged now and hope I can cope with back to work tomorrow!  Hope you have had some great times too!


  1. I'm happy you had a nice trip and had a chance to experience southern hospitality :-) xoxo

    1. My third trip to the states and I have found a welcome in every state I have visited! Also found the young people really polite. Didn't find any crafty or wool shops though - think that's an opportunity for someone!

  2. Wow, what a great work trip! I've never been to the Southern states, and would love to go. That brioche french toast looked truly amazing. I am going to google recipes now... x

  3. Hope you found one - but you may need to lie down after. I wish we could have gone to New Orleans would definitely like to visit there sometime.

  4. Looks like you had a brilliant time - lucky you!