Monday, 17 June 2013

graduate successes

Nothing to show this week I'm afraid.  The brown spotty seersucker blouse has been put in the cupboard for a while, which is unlike me as generally I like to persevere to finish something.  But a combination of rather cheap material, a slightly too tight fit, putting on the facings wrongly and the tie being completely the wrong length seemed far too much to bother with.  I am trying again with some rather nicer liberty print fabric and hopefully should be finished for next weekend.

Otherwise I have been away again for work (what a jetsetter I do seem) this time to Swindon!  Couldn't really find a photogenic shot to take (apologies to Swindon), but did visit the college there for a really good conference.

I have been at yet another vintage fair and got a really good haul, though I'm not sure whether its the stalls or cakes I like.

Three lovely scarves, a beaded purse, 1950s men's toiletries set and a 1953 edition of Woman's magazine which had this funky idea for a skirt!

Don't think I will be making it any time soon, but a great stash-buster!

I've been absolutely loving this book

I'm not obsessively interested in fashion, but really interested in social history and this has fascinating information about how fashion continued during the war, at times as a direct challenge to the ruling powers (particularly in Germany).  The siren suits were a one-piece zip up which fitted over your jammies to look stylish in the air-raid shelters, these were worn with a cape with big pockets which doubled as a blanket.

And I'm dipping into this
.... to try and improve my techniques.
My garden is in a pitiful state at the moment, but I can still leave you with a photo of one of my favourites
and more importantly my lovely son has successfully achieved a 2:1 degree in bio medicine (and though this is a photo from last year I couldn't resist finishing with a one of my favourite photos).


  1. What a shame about your blouse - sometimes though it's good to have a break and then look at it again with fresh eyes (or in my case keep ignoring it for as long as possible)! Your finds are gorgeous plus I haven't seen the Colette book - looks really interesting. Well done to your son - that's no mean feat! Have a lovely week x Jane

  2. Big congratulations to Dan, that's brilliant news. I like the look of those fashion books. Anything forties would look great with that little beaded purse your bought. x