Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Liberty blouse and blues


Work had been so busy for the last two weeks but at the end of term it has now started to slow a little.  There has been a lot of vintaging, some knitting and sewing, so still time to have fun.  We also went to see Hugh Laurie for the second time and it was a great concert.

I have finished my first blouse, Butterick 6887.  This is a new reproduction of a 1950s pattern which I bought on ebay
Item picture
I had looked for this pattern for ages and I made version C.  As you can see this is a size 38 pattern which was quite a bit too big, so I made bigger darts, dropped the shoulder line and also made a bigger tie.  I think the fit is really good now.

It can be worn tucked in (Tess wanted to be in the picture)

or left out (and a bombshell pose!) with my vintage vogue trousers.
The fabric is the Liberty lawn and I would say it took just over 1 metre.  Its cut on the bias and actually although there is a side zip I can actually pull it on over my head.  I'm pretty pleased and will definitely wear it, though I'm not really sure about the kimono sleeves, you have to walk around with your arms on your hips.
So what's next.  I've started the muslin for a dress, more soon and in the meantime here is a pic of the rather bonkers fabric I have just bought

Item picture
Massive pink flamingos, how retro!  I hope my new found love of sewing clothes isn't too boring - it was clearly the influence of the Great British Sewing Bee and actually I'm loving it.  On the knitting front the actual fair-isle jumper pieces are finished and its on to the sewing in ends and the neck, so hopefully a reveal soon.
Finally there has been a bit more sun and a few lace caps appearing.  Lets hope its a great summer for all of us!


  1. Lovely blouse! Last time I made my own clothes, I was at school!! Would love to get back into it again though, especially as I can never find things in shops that suit me!! Great (bonkers indeed!!) fabric you have brought!! :)

    1. Like you last time I sewed clothes was at school and now I am really enjoying it, even wore a skirt to work today. I've got really excited by fabric and patterns, have a go. Will be giving some patterns etc away soon so may be a start for you

  2. The blouse is a triumph! It goes so well with your trousers, too. I learnt about selvedges and straight lines and tailors tacks and darts at my sewing class this week. It's all a bit overwhelming at the moment but I would love to make myself something simple, maybe a shift dress. x

  3. Glad to hear you're going to sewing class - hopefully we'll be able to trade ideas in the future! I definitely need more practice at making neat seams! x