Monday, 21 October 2013

Bits and pieces

Well there is no big reveal this week.  I knitted a hat,

but before you think I have produced yet another knitted garment in little time (and in case you are puzzling at the enormous bobble) I can reveal it is a very little hat, knitted for the Innocent Big Knit.

Now mine is very basic, and also if you only knit one it will cost you more to post if than the contribution, so I will probably do another couple.  Some of the hats on the website are fab .... hope I get the chance to buy one of those!  Great campaign idea!

Otherwise I've been knitting some mitts (more later when finished)

and sewing my Anna dress, also more later.

So a busy week and Dan and Gemma are back safely from a wonderful time in Malawi  so hopefully I'll be able to photograph some garments being worn.  Short and sweet (hopefully) this week. 


  1. I very much like the look of the mitts you are knitting - that is a gorgeous colour. That Innocent hat campaign caught my eye too, it's a very good idea and well marketed too. I'm tempted to have a go myself. x

    1. The mitts are a lovely pattern. I'll blog the details. I knitted the basic hat which took about 30 Mins and making the pompon was fun. Xx

  2. I keep seeing so many tiny hats, I love the big bobble yours :) xx

  3. Thame Cheryl there are some very clever ones about!