Monday, 7 October 2013

More landgirls; a vintage teal cardigan

Happy Monday!   Last weekend included a full day of sewing at my monthly workshop, enjoyable, but not very productive.  I am making the New Look jacket from Gertie's book and this has meant tracing the pattern.  The first time I traced a size too small and so I have had to do this twice .... it's taken hours .... and so boring.  Hats off to those of you who trace patterns either because you use Burda etc. or to save your patterns.  I really can't be bothered and £6-£12 for a pattern seems like a bargain at the moment!  I think I have spent about 12 hours so far and all I have done is made the bodice lining!

So does this mean no finished project this week?  No, not at all, but its over to knitting this week.  I have finished my Debbie Bliss Landgirls cardigan.  This is how it should look
...and this is my version
There is a rather unusual square shoulder and rather different sleeve with cable at the top and a long run of rib, rather medieval!
Sorry the pics are on my dummy and it really isn't showing it off, but I still haven't sorted my remote control for the camera!  Anyway I like the cardi, not perfect but definitely wearable and warm, soft and comfy.  Autumn teal item no. 2 ticked off my list.  I knitted a size 32 (clearly substantially smaller than me!) and it is still a little loser than I like!  At least I know now that for Debbie Bliss patterns I need to knit the smallest size.
I'm looking forward to Dan and Gemma getting home a week on Wednesday, until then how lovely are these photos they have sent me.  They are getting lots of hands-on experience; a lot of dressing foot wounds and ulcers and giving health talks, not a very romantic way to spend your honeymoon but what a wonderful valuable experience.  Three very cool guys!

and Gemma with her lovely new short hair cut and her gorgeous friend.

Till next week, and thank you for reading and especially if you took the time to leave a comment which I love reading.


  1. Hello Mags! Happy Monday to you too, and what a cheery start to the week! Your cardigan is gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love the colour and your knitting is so very neat.

    Great pics of Dan and Gemma. They might not be having the most romantic honeymoon but they'll remember it forever. x

  2. Yes, and it makes me proud, THey held 3 new born babies today. Hope your parcel arrived ... Didn't know your surname.

  3. Love the colour of your new cardigan, bet it took a long time to finish. Thank you so much for my parcel, it arrived after a particularly long day in school, I came home, made a cup of tea and opened it - lovely, can't wait to get started x

    1. You are very welcome and look forward to seeing what you make!