Monday, 9 February 2015

The Cravat-necked sweater; a bit of vintage warmth

Time for a bit of knitting.  This is the Cravat-necked sweater from Runway Knits.  It is a very simple sweater, just stocking stitch and rib, and I would say is a pretty easy knit for the knitting beginner.    I bought my book second hand for a few pounds on Amazon.  The have a copy for 79p at the moment.

The cravat is knitted separately as a sort of ribbed rectangle and then just sewed on.  The only difficulty I had was setting the sleeve cap which was a bit square shaped and has left the shoulder a bit puffed up.

I knit the size 35", which should work out at 3" of negative ease (though I knit rather loosely and so I usually do size down).  I took one inch out of the bodice length as I have a high waist.

I love the  shape giving you such a fitted waist and I'm pretty happy with the fit.  I am wearing it here with my Butterick 5391 skirt and I wore this outfit to work today with a black jacket.

I love this wool.  I knitted my sweater in Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK and it is lovely.  So snuggly, soft and warm.  I had this sweater on during the dog walk today and I had to take my coat off because I was so warm!  The cravat, being a high neck makes it even warmer.  This wool is a delight to knit with and has excellent stitch definition if you like that pronounced look.  I realise I look a bit like a sweater girl here!  I guess this style definitely accentuates your assets!

Sorry about the poor quality photos, and the rather odd lines (which aren't there in real life), but I think Tess is trying to say she is bored waiting for her walk!

I knit quite a lot when I'm infront of the telli (I hate not having something to do with my hands).    Other knitting projects are on my Ravelry page.  I might well knit this one again in the future, perhaps in a mustard colour.  Are you knitting anything at the moment? Thanks for your comments, it is lovely to hear from others.


  1. No knitting here, but I'm crocheting a shawl. I can't watch tv without something in my hands be it crochet or sewing - it stops me snacking so much too. That sweater is gorgeous and you look sensational in it! It's quite short in the body but that suits you really well. I like something that comes right down to my hips preferably, otherwise I get a cold back when I wear jeans. xx

  2. Thanks Gillian. Tues I wouldn't wear it with jeans, I like a hip length then. But I have a lot of high waists for work. How are things with the house, I'm enjoying your posts. Xxx

    1. Going well, thank you! Still staying with mum and dad for a few more weeks, just while we get some messy jobs done, but hope to move in properly sometime in March. Also, John starts his new job in a couple of weeks so massive sighs of relief all round. xx

  3. Gosh Mags I love this! It looks fantastic with the skirt too.

  4. Thanks Jeanette, I like the 50s vibe, though I love you in the 60s too!