Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A lacy Linden

I've been deep into making a Grainline duffle coat which will hopefully be finished this weekend (there are 61 steps!) and making a tailored jacket at my sewing class, so I felt like a quick make, enter the Grainline Linden sweatshirt as I could definitely do with something warm and cuddly in the Cumbrian weather we are having.

 I cut a size 12, but a pin fitting showed it was too big, so I sewed all the seams at 5/8" rather than the 1/4" as set.   I think this makes it easier to handle than the 1/4" which would make it impossible to overlock the seams.   I still think it's too big.  You can see a lot of room in the sleeves, the back ....

and particularly at the tummy area.  I think next time I might even go down to a size 8.

I made the view B with view A sleeves (though just folder over the sleeve hem rather than using the rib).  I would prefer the neckline to be a little higher.

I added 2" to the length, I might even add an extra inch next time (I'm only 5'4" so it would be very short without the added inches on a tall person).  I wanted to make it a little different so just added some scraps of stretch lace to the shoulder seams.  I just topstitched around the scallops and basted to the shoulder seam then sewed as normal, I think it adds a little individuality.  I decided to use some black rib to match the lace.  I think the rib could be a little wider.  Just as an aside I ordered 1/4 yard of ribbing and I only used a tiny bit, I think it would last for lots of projects.  The ribbing and fabric came from My Fabrics.

 The fabric turned out to be a bit disappointing.  It's lovely a warm with a fleecy inside, and a really nice shade of teal, but when I washed it it ended up patchy and half of it had a strange self-stripe which made it look like seconds.  I should have returned it really as it wasn't cheap for sweatshirt fabric.  My Fabrics have a great range of fabrics, but perhaps the attention to quality isn't as good.

The final sweatshirt is very wearable and warm.   I want to make another from Liberty Fleece as  have been really inspired  by Karyn's 3 liberty sweatshirts.  Rather extravagant, I know, but what a treat!  Karyn's blog is great she uses such lovely fabrics, have a look!

I can't believe we are at the final stage of the Great British Sewing Bee already (wonder why this series is 2 episodes shorter).  I've really enjoyed it and I've taken some inspiration.  My walkaway dress should be finished next weekend, I've used up some more of my lace oddments on a silk T which has just been cut out, and I really am fancying trying a leather jacket!  I liked Lorna's jacket with Neil's collar.  I've managed to track down Lorna' pattern, so who knows maybe I will be brave if I can get hold of some leather, or better still some really high quality faux leather.

Have you made a Linden or have any recommendations for some quick makes?


  1. Liberty fleece?? How did I not know of such things! I like this - the neckline and looser shape are just the kind of thing I like to wear - but what a shame it didn't wash well. I was also wondering why GBSB is shorter this year, but I am still enjoying it nonetheless, and have gotten my mum hooked too. :-) xx

  2. You should have a go at this one, you can make it a more normal sweatshirt shape. The liberty fleece is lovely and warm though expensive. Xx