Sunday, 1 March 2015

Solja sweater and another Mabel skirt

This is the first time I've made a yoked scandanavian-style jumper. 

This is the Solja by Anna Maltz from Pompom quarterly magazine. I really like this magazine.  It's A5 size and comes beautifully wrapped which feels like a real treat.  At £9.50 I think it's good value.   There are usual several patterns I would like to knit, articles on all kinds of wooly topics and a sweet recipe! 

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I've got my eye on the cardigan on the cover of this quarter's issue!  I knitted the second size which is quite roomy (I have a loose tension!).   I reduced the sleeve length by an inch and they are still a bit too long!

The body has a little lace repeated pattern.

The sleeve was supposed to have this pattern too, but I just couldn't be bothered to try and work out the pattern among the increases on the sleeves, so I knitted them in straight stocking stitch.  The yoke is easy to knit.  I just changed the colour choices.  The wool is Navia Trio, Faroese Shetland wool. I bought it from Island Wool, the colours seem to have changed and the pink, maroon and mustard don't seem to be available any more.   I was worried that it might be itchy, but it isn't at all, it really is very comfortable for a 100% Shetland wool.

I'm wearing the jumper with another Collete Mabel (number 7!).  This time version 1, though I lengthened it by 3 inches (too old for a proper mini I'm afraid).  This was some pretty cheap and grotty ponte roma (really I'm trying to find some plaid ponte but this was the nearest in a dogtooth).  It's a reasonable fit and I like it with thick tights and chunky ankle boots.

Just in case you have noticed I only blogged a jumper three weeks ago, no I'm not a superfast knitter I've just let my knitting pile up a bit waiting to be blocked, and so they seem to be appearing thick and fast. 

I'm rather glad February is almost over, it is a difficult month for me, and the weather is so gloomy at the moment, an excuse to get in a lot of sewing!  I'm in the middle of the Cascade duffle-coat sewalong; I've just cut out the Walkaway dress and a Linden sweatshirt, so I'm a busy girl.  Roll on next weekend!

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  1. Oh, Mags! Wow! You know I like everything you make as I think you have a knack for first choosing patterns that suit you, and second choosing the right kinds of fabrics and colours. But this sweater? I LOVE it. Seriously love it. It's completely and utterly gorgeous. Knitting has all the best patterns, doesn't it? I love crochet but when we're talking this kind of scandi - type pattern, crochet doesn't come close. x