Thursday, 2 April 2015

New Look 6217; silk and lace tee

I don't have much to say about this top.  It was one of those times when I woke up in the morning thinking I need to make a top from some silk and lace bits in my stash, add to this a free pattern from sew magazine and it ended up being a really cheap top, though not without its challenges.

The pattern is NewLook 6217
Image result for new look 6217

The silk is a gorgeous colour, teal but with a black back  which sort of shows through.  The front has a layer of stretch lace with silk behind it, and the back is just the plain silk.  There is a back opening, but in the end I stitched it together at the top because it's so loose it just pulls on over my head.

Overlaying the lace over the silk was quite tricky (possibly because the lace was stretch lace), and I had to keep rebasting it to keep the two fabrics together without them moving about.  I used bias for the neck, sleeves and hem, which I think will look better after a wash or two.

I won't be making this one again.  Too shapeless for me, but I will wear it, probably with jeans on a warmer day, and for what it cost I could garden in it!
It's been a lovely day, gorgeous weather and my favourite walk, sunshine and snow on the hills, what could be better, and I've another nine days off work to go, so lots more sewing to come.

.... and just to finish more puppy photos!

... and a reminder of how unfair life is when you are too small to get up on the settee to play with the big girls!


  1. Really like the colour combination. Are the pictures from Scotland, if you don't mind me asking? I was there a few months ago, and now I am missing it all over again

  2. Hi Kaitlyn, thanks teal is one of my favourite colours. No the photos are in Cumbria where I live, I'm very lucky. I love Scotland too though, and I haven't been there for ages even though it's only 1 1/2 hours away!

  3. You can't garden in it!! Post it to me! I love how breezy you are about this, like "oh what this old thing? I just whizzed it up in a morning." I'd need to lie down in a darkened room if I had to sew that. It's lovely. x