Saturday, 14 October 2017

Vogue 9075; gingham fun

I do like to be aware of the trends, and sometimes follow them, but this summer there were two things I said I wouldn't take up; gingham (too like my school uniform) and jumpsuits (memories of a particular appalling incident in my twenties involving my new pink jumpsuit and a public toilet floor!).  So what on earth is going on here ...... well I'm afraid it's out and out copying.  I enjoy watching SewHappy's vlog, and Alex looked fantastic in her version, so I was inspired to make my own.  This is definitely my last warm weather garment, and it is already to cold to wear it in Cumbria.

The pattern is Very Easy Vogue 9075; "Dress or jumpsuit has close-fitting, lined bodice with princess seams, side pockets, stitched hem and back zipper. B: wide-legged, pleated pants."  I lined the bodice with a flesh coloured lining, so there was not shadowing through the fabric. 


This is obviously a culotte-style jumpsuit, which I think is much easier to fit, except if you don't get the crotch length right it makes problems when you raise your arms.  I read other people's blogs and they remarked on the crotch length being short and being high-waisted I usually have to add length to the crotch, so I added  1 1/2" and actually another half inch wouldn't go amiss, especially when you wear a belt.

I cut a size 14 and there was quite a lot of ease in the pattern (I'm 37.5 C cup, 28" waist, 37" hip).  I actually had to take 1 1/4 from the width of the shoulders, which did distorted the shape a little.  I also thought  I might need a little extra width in the sleeve at the bottom, which I didn't need and which actually has made a bit of gape at the hem.  I followed the petite line which took the waist up by 1".  I really don't like necklines high at my neck, so I dropped the neckline following the one from the Papercut Adrift dress, which is the perfect neckline for me.

I found the pattern very long.  I'm only 5'4" but I ended up taking 5" from the length, and it still isn't short.

I French seamed everywhere I could, and pinked elsewhere.  This will probably shock you, but I also didn't bother with the pockets.  I just felt that there was enough fabric in the skirt without adding any more bulk.

So in summary, I like this and enjoyed wearing it.  It was an enjoyable make (with some reasonable pattern matching!).  The fabric is a gorgeous gingham from Croft Mill, which Gary (my sewing buddy) bought when we visited and then I stole if from him!  Thanks Gary.  I can't see it on the website.

Are any of you going to SewBrum (Manju I saw your name on the list so will finally get to meet you). I've booked my ticket and started saving.


  1. I think you look great in the gingham! The pattern matching and fit are really good and the style suits you so well.
    PS..I'm going to Sewbrum too 😊

    1. Thanks Dianne, it will be lovely to meet you.

  2. Hi Mags - love your hair style. Wear this dress/jumpsuit well into winter with a cardi on top!
    It looks lovely on you. Wish I was meeting some fellow sewers either in Brum or anywhere else - have a great time and buy lots of fabric to keep you well stocked throughout the winter months.

    1. Thanks Ruth, wish you were coming too! I've got 50 lots of stashed fabric, so no chance of running out, but that won't stop me. X