Sunday, 25 March 2018

March BurdaStyle challenge

The second completed challenge in March, this time for Hila's BurdaStyle challenge (#burdachallenge2018).   So this is my choice from the March 2018 magazine, a peplum blouse.  I do like a peplum, so this was a fairly easy choice for me.  Had trouble with the photos today due to the sun! (can't believe it!).  

I cut a size 40, raised the waist by 1"  and otherwise the fit (including the neck which is a really nice one) is pretty good.    I made a quick Colette Mabel skirt from ponte scraps to wear with it.  (Has anyone else noticed how similar the new Tilly and the Buttons Bibi skirt it?).  I have a bit confession to make, a started to trace the pattern, got fed-up and actually downloaded it.  It costs about another £5 and there is the sticking to do and the seams to add, but when you are tracing a quite complicated pattern with lots of pieces to find it just takes me hours!

I didn't make this as per the magazine at all.  There is supposed to be a full lining and a back separating zip.  Now if you live along a back separating zip doesn't seem like a good idea!  So I  skipped the lining, and used a satin bias binding for the back neck facing.  I decided to put buttons on the front edge instead of the zip, however, this has made the blouse feel a little bit prone to moving  straight around and I think I might be pulling it straight all the time, so I'm not sure about this one.

The fabric was in my stash bought from Barry's in Birmingham a year ago.  It's a very stretchy cotton and actually the stretch is another reason the blouse doesn't quite feel secure, pretty though.  You might just be able to make out the button edge below.  So overall, glad to have completed the challenge, but a bit bleh about this one.


  1. Wow! Fabulous fit and very cute fabric! I’m off to pull out my March issue to check out this pattern.

  2. Nice fabric and fit! I think you'll find tracing gets easier with a little practice. I'd much rather (and faster) trace than deal with a PDF!

  3. I love this ! I have some cherrie fabric that has been resident in my stash for years and oh my I need to sew it up too! Hila @ SaturdaynightStitch