Monday, 28 May 2018

Deer and Doe Myosotis: Sewmystyle

At first when I saw the pattern for this month's Sew My style I thought  I wouldn't give it a go, but remember I had felt the same about the Kalle and then loved it I gave it a go.  So here it is the Deer and Doe's latest release, the Myosotis. 

I'm still not sure about it.  I keep making dresses with lots of fabric around the waist and I'm not sure I like them, but carry on making them!  I think it's just other styles suit me better.  I ordered the paper pattern from Deer and Doe, and can I really recommend buying straight from them, excellent service no slower than ordering in the UK and very good postage.

I made the size 40 which is a 36" bust, while I have a 37.5" bust.  There is plenty of ease and I think the bodice fits me well and is very comfy.  I reduced the shoulder width 1/2" (my usual adjustment) but made no other adjustments other than shortening the sleeve about an inch as I thought the sleeves were too long and adding a little to the length.

It went together fairly easily, but don't go for this one if you don't like doing gathers!  I didn't like the  away they do the collar, I prefer to hand finish on the inside, and I did make a bit of a mess of this (you can't really see it though).

The fabric is some of my bargain liberty tana lawn (£4.5 a metre) and it is lovely.  I kind of wish  I'd used it in a different pattern.  I have worn it already and it is incredibly comfortable.  Lots of swish, but this also makes it a bit tricky in the wind we have been having .... had the odd Marilyn Monroe moments.   I've seen some lovely versions of this dress, and it really suits some, I won't make it again, but I will get some wear.

Here's my last week MeMadeMay selection, as you can see I do mostly wear dresses 1,2,4,6 to were worn to work.



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  1. It's a pretty dress Mags, and it works really well in your fabric choice. I'm iffy myself with waist gathers as my bottom doesn't mind them but my stomach does because its where I carry any excess weight. You have a lovely shape for it!