Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Vogue 9077 ... #alittlelawnparty

I love this pattern.  I know it is not very springlike but I am really attracted to the dark coloured liberty lawns, perfect for a shirtdress and I do love this pattern.

It's Vogue 9077  a lovely shirtdress with lots of details.  I wouldn't say it was easy though as described on the packet.  Strangely the pattern has the darts on the rightside, which I don't like so I made them the traditional way on the inside.  It's a very fabric hungry pattern with a full skirt, great for switching.  In case you think this is extravagant, I got this liberty for £4.90 a metre from the end sale at Standfast and Barrat (they used to print it).  I love it and wish I'd bought some more.

I like the fit.  I cut a size 14 graded to a 12 at the waist, raised the waist by 1" and reduced the shoulder width by 5/8".  The main issue is the sleeves which are too wide (I think  you can see this) and also the cuffs which were way too wide for me.

The collar is unusual, its difficult to see here but  you have  has two pieces at the front.  The flaps are a nice detail, though you need to make sure they lie flat.  The flaps and the pieced collar mean you have multiple layers around here and this could be a problem with a thicker fabric (and they do suggest sateen).

I will make this again, perhaps with the fitted skirt.  It would look great in a plain colour to make the features stand out, and also to colour block.

This weeks Memade outfits ... 8 days

 You can just see Tess wanting to get in on the action .....



  1. Beautiful dress! I'm just venturing into a shirtdress using a dark Liberty cotton - I have a couple of different ones to choose from. I was amazed reading your post since it's just what I'm about to do but mine is sleeveless (the Cashmerette Lenox). Nice to know this fabric does work so well in a shirtdress - I wouldn't want to waste it!

  2. that dress is super sharp - it looks great on you.

  3. Ooh, I love the details on that pattern. What a lovely collar design. You had a very stylish 8 days of MeMadeMay too!

  4. Lovely dress and fabric.